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Vahid Rashtchi

V. Rashtchi, M. Nourazar
A Multiprocessor Nios II Implementation OF Duffing  Oscillator Array For Weak Signal Detection
پیاده سازی آرایه ای از نوسان سازهای آشوبناک برای تشخیص سیگنالهای ضعیف با استفاده از Nios II

Field programmable gate array (FPGA) implemented array of Du±ng oscillators for weak  signal detection in noisy environments is presented in this paper. The array of Du±ng oscillators is an e±cient method for detecting weak signals with unknown exact frequency and phase delay. Because of the high computation resource requirement, especially for online weak signal detection, hardware implementation is a proper solution. In this FPGA implementation, the array was constructed using multiprocessor Nios II system. In the proposed multiprocessor system, each oscillator was implemented by a separate Nios II processor. Also, a separate Nios II processor was dedicated to control and detect the state of other oscillators. The proposed system was implemented using one of the Altera's Cyclone IV GX FPGAs. In this paper, beside the structure and resource utilization of the array of oscillators, an experimental result was also presented in order to show e®ectiveness of the implementation.



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