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Ali Eskandari

 علی اسکندری، اکبر کارگر بیده، ابراهیم پورجم و عزیزالله علیزاده
مروری بر وضعیت جنس (Mesocriconema (Nematoda: Criconematidae در ایران
Status of the genus Mesocriconema Andrássy, 1965 (Nematoda: Criconematidae) in Iran

In order to study the status of the genus Mesocriconema in Iran, 250 soil and root samples were collected from different field crops, orchards, forests and pastures in Iran, during 2004-2005 years. The nematode specimens were extracted from the soil by using the centrifugal-flotation technique and were processed to glycerin by modified Seinhorst method. The extracted nematodes were mounted in permanent slides. In this study nine species of this genus; M. ornatum, M. curvatum, M. dherdei, M. antipolitanum, M. solivagum, M. sphaerocephalum, M. pseudosolivagum, M. rusticum and M. xenoplax were identified. M. dherdei, M. pseudosolivagum and M. rusticum are new records for Iran. The first two species were isolated from soil samples around the root of ash tree in Garedagh forest (Kaleibar) and the latter species was isolated from soil samples collected from rhizospheres of grass in Saee park (Tehran). A key for identification of species of the genus Mesocriconema in Iran is also provided.



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