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Ehsan Khavasi

Khavasi, E., Afshin, H., Firoozabadi, B.
Effect of selected parameters on the depositional behaviour of turbidity currents
اثر پارامترهای مشخص بر روی رفتار رسوب گذار جریان های گل آلود

Turbidity currents containing kaolin particles were studied experimentally in a channel and the velocity and concentration profiles were measured using an acoustic Doppler velocimeter. These experiments were performed to investigate the depositional behaviour of turbidity currents. The suspended sediment flux was evaluated by experimental and analytical methods and the results of these two methods were in a good agreement. To evaluate the suspended sediment flux, it was necessary to recognize the suspended sediment zone from the upper shear layer region and near the bed depositional area as well. The method of determination of these areas is discussed. The effects of important parameters including the inlet Froude number and bed slope were also studied. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the non-dimensional sediment flux decreases at the vicinity of the hydraulic jump with the inlet Froude number, whereas an increase in the bed slope reduces the non-dimensional sediment flux.



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