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Ehsan Khavasi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
8 Mahshid Moradi _SEPTEMBER  2016Mechanical Engineering Instability Analysis of 3-phase 3D Dam Break Flow      Advisor
7 Javad Rahimi February  2017Mechanical Engineering Stress analysis of the secound stage rotor blade of the GTF9 turbine to avoid fraction due to thermal gradient   SuperVisor
6 Hossein rafii yekta February  2017Mechanical Engineering Investigation on the effect of the surface roughness on Convection heat transfer in power transformers' bobbins   Advisor
5 Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi January  2017Mechanical Engineering Linear stability analysis of the interfacial instability of non bousinessq stratified shear flow   SuperVisor
4 Zahra Mashhadi September  2017Mechanical Engineering Investigation of 3D bi-disperse turbidity current in an experimental channel using LES   SuperVisor
3 Morteza Khayyati September  2017Mechanical Engineering Theoretical and experimental investigation of the RTM and optimization of the injection time   SuperVisor
2 Armin Ansari    Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Three-Phase 3D Dam Break Flow   SuperVisor
1 Ali Koohandaz    Investigating the effect of obstacle on the deposition of particles in gravity current    SuperVisor



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