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Ali Lakirouhani

A. Lakirouhani, M. Bahrehdar
Analytical evaluation of bearing capacity of soilbag with semi-elliptical cross section
ارزیابی تحلیلی ظرفیت باربری کیسه خاک با مقطع بیضوی

The main aim of this article is to examine the effect of geometrical form with semi-elliptical cross section on the maximum bearing capacity of soilbag influenced by vertical loading. In this article, the maximum bearing capacity of soilbag under semi-circular geometrical form was initially examined using the analytical method. Then, the maximum value of bearing capacity of soilbag is presented by a new geometrical form, that is, semi-elliptical. The result shows that by increasing of the semi-elliptical eccentricity and internal friction angle of sand, the vertical bearing capacity of soilbag increases under external loads.  



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