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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Zahra Shomali, Abbas Abbassi, Jafar Ghazanfarian
Development of Non-Fourier Thermal Attitude for Three-Dimensional and Graphene-Based MOS Devices
توسعه مفهوم غیر فوریه برای حالت سه بعدی و وسایل بر اساس گرافن 

In this paper, the intact subject of 3-D MOSFETs is studied. Three well-known 3-D MOSFET nano-devices, including a common three dimensional silicon MOSFET, the FinFET, and the Tri-Gate, are dealt. Firstly, by implying the three dimensional non-linear Dual-Phase-Lag method, the obtained results are verified with the existent data. Contemporaneously, the important parameter B ¼ st=sq, which is prerequisite for DPL modeling, is found for the 3-D silicon. The adjusted parameter B, is used to study the 3-D transistors with temperature-dependent thermal characteristics. It is found that taking into account such relevancy, makes the overall trends of distributions unmodified. Finally, the effect of contemplating the graphene sheet heat remover in a 3-D Tri-Gate MOSFET is investigated. Notably, the graphene makes the process of cooling the transistor get accelerated. It is obtained that 40 ps after switching off the heat generation region, the value of the peak temperature of a 3-D Tri-Gate transistor along the center-line with a graphene heat remover, becomes 20% lower than that of a common 3-D Tri-Gate MOSFET. This finding shows that the Fourier calculations, overestimate the results.



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