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Ali Lakirouhani

علی لکی روحانی و سمیه جلفایی
نقدی بر روابط تجربی- تحلیلی ارائه شده برای پروفیل نشست سطحی زمین بر اثر حفر تونل
Criticizing of Empirical- Analytical Relation of Profile of Ground Surface Settlement due to Tunneling

The first phenomenon related to tunneling especially in urban area, is ground surface settlement. For estimating the settlement trough there are two methods: empirical methods and analytical solutions, also, in recent years with the development of numerical method, this method has been added to the other two methods. This paper discusses the comparison between the proposed methods and critique of the first two methods. Hence, for obtaining the settlement trough with three analytic methods, the models of an urban tunnel was built under the plane strain condition. By comparison settlement troughs, it can be seen that except some particular cases the troughs provided by the first two methods are far from the numerical methods. It's because of the first two methods are not considered all the effective parameters on the surface settlement ground, whereas, the numerical method are considered, thus the numerical method has a relatively accurate estimate of settlement trough. Therefore, the numerical method can be a good alternative for the first two methods



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