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Mohammad Reza YAFTIAN

Leila Dolatyari, Mehri Shateri, Mohammad Reza Yaftian*, Sadegh Rostamnia
Unmodified SBA–15 adsorbents for the removal–separation of Th(IV) and U(VI) ions; the role of pores channels and surface active sites

The removal of Th(IV) and U(VI) by calcinated, non–calcinated, and methyl grafted SBA–15 (abbreviated as SBA–15, SBA–15–NC and SBA–15–MG, correspondingly) were compared to elucidate the role of pores and surface adsorption sites on SBA-15 adsorbents. It was proposed that the contribution of pores and surface active sites of SBA–15 increases its higher adsorption capacity with respect to the other examined adsorbents. The kinetic studies revealed that the adsorption and also desorption occurred initially on the surface and then to the pores. Adsorption/desorption of the ions into pores was occurred with slow kinetics.



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