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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Mohammad Jamshidi, Jafar Ghazanfarian
Blood Flow Effects in Thermal Treatment of Three-dimensional Non-Fourier Multi-layered Skin Structure
اثر جریان خون در درمان حرارتی پوست چند لایه سه بعدی با مدل غیرفوریه

The non-Fourier dual-phase-lag heat model has been solved as a well-known accurate bioheat model to compute the temperature distribution in a three-dimensional multi-layered skin of the human finger including the embedded vessels. A novel conjugate solver over the platform of OpenFOAM codes has been developed. Three types of vessels that are representor of the capillaries, the small arteries, and the small veins with different diameters, the blood velocity, the blood pressure, and the distance from the skin surface are placed in the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis layers. Numerical simulations were conducted to obtain the temperature distribution and the peak-temperature-rise in the skin layers and the buried vessels by presenting a new three-dimensional multi-layered skin heat model. Effect of the buried counter-current vessels under conjugate heat transfer between the blood vessels and the surrounded layers is included in the model. Influence of these vessels on temperature distribution originated from an external heat source in their surrounding layers, as well as the heat absorption and dissipation have been presented.



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