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Mitra Aelaei

Publications in Journals

International-ISC4.  Alaey, M., Babalar, M., Naderi, R. and Kafi, M.
Effect of pre- and postharvest salicylic acid treatment on physio-chemical attributes in relation to vase-life of rose cut flowers
Postharvest Biology and Technology Issue 91 (2011PP. 94-26 DOI: 1. 
International-ISC3.  Naderi, R., Alaey, M., Khalighi, A., hassani, M.E. and Salami, A.R.
Inter- and Intra-specific genetic diversity among cyclamen genotypes investigated by RAPD markers
Scientia Horticulture Issue 658 (2009PP. 661-25 DOI: 1. 
National-ISC2.  Alaey, M., Naderi, R., Khalighi, A. and Salami, A.R., 2005
Effect of different factors on seed germination of Cyclamen persicum mill.
پژوهش و سازندگی Issue 36 (2006P. 43 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI1.  Alaey, M., Naderi R., Vezvaei, A. and Khalighi, A. 2005.
Comparing study between four different methods of genomic DNA extraction from Cyclamen persicum
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology Issue 882 (2005P. 884 DOI: 1. 



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