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Amir Jabbari

Publications in Journals

داخلي-ISC14.  امیر جباری- محسن رنانی- مجید دشتبال فاروجی- نرگس اکبری
Designing a Timeless Voting Model in the Political Market Using the Economic Market Mechanism
فصلنامه علمی - پژوهشی پژوهشهای اقتصادی (رشد و توسعه پایدار) Vol. 18 Issue 2 (2018PP. 181-208. 
National-ISC13.  مجید دشتبان و امیر جباری
The Introduction of Partially-Funded Pension System as a Financial Institution in a 55-Period Overlapping Generations Model
دو فصلنامه اقتصاد و توسعه منطقه اي Issue 7 (2014PP. 163-193 DOI: 1.  [Abstract  ]
National12.  جباری ، امیر
 The Experimental Economics and its Application, case study: A Study of the absence of a time limit for votes (timelessness of vote)
Economic Journal-Monthly Journal of Economic Issues and Policies, Tehran/Iran Issue 149 (2012P. 160 DOI: 1. 
National-ISC11.  محسن رناني ، نعمت اله اكبري ، امير جباري
 A Study of Vote Weighting in Voting Theory an Experimental Economics Approach
Eqtesad-e Tatbiqi(Comparative Economics), Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies /Iran Issue 115 (2011P. 147 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC10.  جباري امير,رناني محسن,اكبري نعمت اله
The Simulation of Monetary Model for the Weighting of Vote in the Economic Analysis of Democracy
Journal of Economic Modeling Research, University of Economic Sciences/Iran Issue 71 (2011P. 98 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC9.  دین محمدی، مصطفی و جباری، امیر
 The Evaluation of the Favorite Range of Research and Development Expenditures in Iran
Journal of Economic Research, Tarbiat Modares University /Iran (2014)  DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC8.  دلالي اصفهاني رحيم,صمدي سعيد,مجاهدي موخر محمدمهدي,جباري امير,صمدي بروجني رضا
 Modeling and Estimating of Iran’s Inflation Using Microeconomic Foundations
Journal of Economic Modeling Research, University of Economic Sciences/Iran Issue 127 (2012P. 151 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC7.  طيبي سيدكميل,دشتبان فاروجي مجيد,جباري امير,مجاهدي موخر محمدمهدي
 Determinants of Business Cycles in the Iranian Economy (1970-2005)
journal of Nameh-ye Mofid, Mofid University /Iran Issue 17 (2011P. 36 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC6.  طيبي، سيدكميل،جباري، امير و بابكي، روح اله
 Study on Relationship between Tourism and Economic Growth (Case Study of  Iran, OECD Countries Plus  Selected Countries)
Journal of Development and Economic Sciences, Mashhad Ferdowsi University /Iran Issue 63 (2008P. 84 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC5.  واعظ،  محمد,نصرالهي ،خديجه و جباري امير
 the Study of  the  International Reserves Level of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran Using Random Walk & VAR  Models (1961-2004)
Journal of Quantitative Economics ,Chamran University, Ahwaz /Iran Issue 161 (2008P. 183 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC4.  آقايي، كيومرث,جباري، امير و كريمي محمد
 Investigation the Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations with an Emphasis on the Real Exchange Rate
Journal of Economic Research, Tarbiat Modares University /Iran Issue 41 (2008P. 61 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC3.  طيبي، سيدكميل,بابكي ،روح اله و جباري امير
The Relationship between Tourism Development and Economic Growth in Iran (1958-2004)
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ,University of Mazandaran/Iran Issue 83 (2007P. 110 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC2.  واعظ، محمد، نصرالهی، خدیجه و جباری، امیر
The Optimal Level of the International Reserves of Iran
Iranian Journal of Economic Research, Allameh Tabatabai University /Iran Issue 77 (2007P. 102 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC1.  طيبي سيدكميل,جباري امير,شاطري محمد,كوچك زاده ميثم
Impact of the Internet on Exports: An Empirical Study on the Selected ASEAN+3 Members and Iran
Iranian Journal of Economic Research, Allameh Tabatabai University, Iran (2007P. 15 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

National 8.  فهمیده قربانی و امیر جباری
the relationship between social capital and social security (case study: zanjan province)
1th National Conference lifestyle, order and security
University of Zanjan, Zanjan-Iran, 21 May 2015.  
International 7.  سارا نورالهی و امیر جباری
the relationship between income distribution and economic justice in IRAN
the First International Conference on Management, Economics, Accounting and Education
PN university, Sari-Iran, 20 June 2015.  
National 6.  فهمیده قربانی و امیر جباری
The impact of social capital on the structures and institutions in Iran’s Development
4th Annual Conference of Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress
the center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress, Tehran-Iran, 20 - 21 May 2015.  
International 5.  رهنمون، طیبه و جباری، امیر
Sanctions and Resistive Economy
2nd International E-Conference on Economy under sanctions
22 September 2014.  [Abstract  ]
National 4.  جباری، امیر و اسمعیل زاده، رضا
The Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth in China
7th Annual Research Week
University of Isfahan, 7 November 2004.  
National 3.  رنانی، محسن ، دلیر، حسن و جباری، امیر
The Relationship between Economic Freedom and Social Capital in Iran
10th Annual Research Week
University of Isfahan, 4 November 2007.  
National 2.  رمضانی شهرام و جباری ، امیر
House price bubbles in Iran
Accounting and Financial Management Regional Conference
University of Isfahan , 16 January 2009.  
National 1.  مجاهدی موخر، محمد مهدی و جباری، امیر
The Challenging of Conventional Banking in Iran
National Conference on Economics & Eleventh Government
University of Isfahan, 6 April 2014.  



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