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Mohammad Mahmoudi

Publications in Journals

International ISI95.  M Mahdavi, ZA Sabegh, M Mohammadi, M Mahmoudi and H. R. Hamedi
Manipulation and exchange of light with orbital angular momentum in quantum-dot molecules
Phys. Rev. A Vol. 101 Issue 6-063811 (2020P. 1. 
International ISI94.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Localization in quantum systems with broken parities
Laser Physics Letters Vol. 17 Issue 6-066002 (2020P. 1. 
International ISI93.  M. Ghaderi Goran Abad, F. Ashrafizadeh Khalifani, and M. Mahmoudi
Acoustic field induced nonlinear magneto-optical rotation in a diamond mechanical resonator
Scientific reports Vol. 10 Issue 1 (2020PP. 1-10. 
International ISI92.  M. Gaderi Goran Abad and M. Mahmoudi
Atom–photon entanglement near a plasmonic nanostructure
EPJ Plus Vol. 135 Issue 4 (2020P. 352. 
International ISI91.  M. Veisi, S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
The effects of intersystem and reverse intersystem crossing on the optical limiting properties of C60. 
Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 127 Issue 10-103102 (2020PP. 1-10. 
International ISI90.  M. Gaderi Goran Abad, M. Mahdieh, M. Veisi, H. Nadjari and M. Mahmoudi
Coherent control of Optical limiting in atomic systems
Scientific reports Vol. 10 Issue 1 (2020PP. 1-10. 
International ISI89.  M. Mahdavi and M. Mahmoudi
Plasma Induced Transparency in One-dimensional Duplicated Superconducting Photon Crystal
J Supercond Nov Magn Vol. 33 (2020PP. 2691-2697. 
International ISI88.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Chirality-dependent optical dipole potential
Physics Scripta Vol. 95 Issue 3 (2020P. 5405. 
International ISI87.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Enhanced photon drag in closed-loop quantum systems
Physics Scripta Vol. 94 Issue 12 (2020P. 5505. 
International ISI86.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Optomechanical second-order sideband effects in a Laguerre–Gaussian rotational-cavity system  
Physics Scripta Vol. 95 Issue 4 (2020P. 5104. 
International ISI85.    S. H. Kazemi, M. Mahmoudi
Phase-dependent light-induced torque  
JOSA B Vol. 36 Issue 12 (2019PP. 3395-3403. 
International ISI84.    V. Moeini, S. H. Kazemi, M. Mahmoudi 
Sub-Doppler laser cooling via spontaneous generated coherence  
Laser Physics Vol. 30 Issue 2 (2019P. 6001. 
International ISI83.    Z. A. Sabegh, M. Mohammadi, M. A. Maleki, M. Mahmoudi 
Orbital angular momentum transfer via spontaneously generated coherence  
JOSA B Vol. 36 Issue 10 (2019PP. 2757-2764. 
International ISI82.  V. Moeini, S.H. Kazemi, M. Mahmoudi
Sub-recoil-limit laser cooling via interacting dark-state resonances  
.J. Mod. Opt Vol. 66 Issue 15 (2019PP. 1535-1544. 
International ISI81.  M. Gaderi Goran Abad and M. Mahmoudi
Absorption-free superluminal light propagation in a diamond nitrogen vacancy center
The European Physical Journal D Vol. 73 Issue 7 (2019P. 151. 
International ISI80.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Identifying orbital angular momentum of light in quantum wells
Laser Physics letter Vol. 16 Issue 7 (2019P. 6001. 
International ISI79.   Mohsen Ghaderi Goran Abad, Mitra Valinezhad, and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Enhanced nonlinear magneto-optical rotation in cold atoms: A theoretical study
Scientific reports Vol. 9 Issue 1 (2019PP. 1-10. 
International ISI78.   Zahra Amini Sabegh, Mohammad Ali Maleki, and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Microwave-induced orbital angular momentum transfer
Scientific reports Vol. 9 Issue 1 (2019PP. 1-9. 
International ISI77.  Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi, Mohammad Mahmoudi
Coherent population transfer with Laguerre–Gaussian pulses
.J. Mod. Opt Vol. 65 Issue 13 (2018PP. 1515-1520. 
International ISI76.  Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi, and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Atom localization using Laguerre-Gaussian beams
Journal of OPtics Vol. 21 Issue 025401 (2019) . 
International ISI75.  Z. Amini Sabegh, R. Amiri and M. Mahmoudi
Spatially dependent atom-photon entanglement
Scientific Reports Vol. 8 Issue 13840 (2018) . 
International ISI74.  Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi, Mohammad Ali Maleki, and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Absorption-free superluminal light propagation in a Landau-quantized grapheme
AIP ADVANCES Vol. 8 Issue 075023 (2018) . 
International ISI73.  R. Doostkam and M. Mahmoudi
Optical multistability generation via cavity series
Optics Communications Vol. 424 (2018PP. 123-126. 
International ISI72.  R. Nasehi and M. Mahmoudi
Giant Goos–Hänchen shift in two different enantiomers’ chiral molecules via quantum coherence
Applied Optics Vol. 57 (2018P. 7714. 
International ISI71.  S. H. Kazemi and M. Mahmoudi
Coherent population transfer with Laguerre–Gaussian pulses
J. Mod. Opt. Vol. 65 (2018P. 1515. 
International ISI70.  The effect of radio frequency on the optical bistability in Pr:+3 Y2SiO5 crystal, Rasool Doostkam, Elham Sadati Nosrat Abad, Lida Ebrahimi Zohravi, Mohammad Mahmoudi,
The effect of radio frequency on the optical bistability in Pr:+3 Y2SiO5 crystal
International Journal of Modern Physics B Vol. 32 (2018) . 
International ISI69.   Mohsen Ghaderi Goran Abad and  M. Mahmoudi
Enhanced nonlinear optical activity in a Four level  quantum system
JOSAB Vol. 34 (2017) . 
International ISI68.  S. H. Kazemi, S.  Ghanbari and M. Mahmoudi
Trap split with Laguerre-Gaussian beams
J. Opt Vol. 19 (2017) . 
International ISI67.  Zahra Amini Sabegh. Mohammad Ali Maleki. Mohammad Mahmoudi
Four-wave mixing induced maximal entanglement in superconducting phase quantum circuits
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism Vol. 30 Issue 9 (2017PP. 2393-2400. 
International ISI66.  Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi and Mohammad Mahmoudi
Multi-photon Resonance Phenomena Using Laguerre-Gaussian Beams
J. Phys. B Vol. 49 (2016) . 
International ISI65.  R. Nasehi, M. Mahmoudi and M. Sahrai
Pulse propagation through a dielectric slab doped with a triple quantum dot nanostructure
Laser Physics Vol. 26 (2016) . 
International-ISI64.  A. Vafafard, M. Mahmoudi, O. S. Agarwal
Coherent population oscilation produced by saturating probe and pump fields on the intercombination line
Phys. Rev. A Vol. 93 (2016P. 33848 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.93.033848. 
International-ISI63.  S. H. Kazemi, S. Ghanbari, M. Mahmoudi
Controlable optical bistability in a cavity optomechanical system with a Bose-Einestein condensate
Laser Phys. Vol. 26 (2016P. 55502 DOI: doi:10.1088/1054-660X/26/5/055502. 
International-ISI62.  R. Nasehi, M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai
Pulse propagation through a dielectric slab doped with a triple quantum dot nanostructure  
Laser Phys. Vol. 26 (2016P. 115202 DOI: doi:10.1088/1054-660X/26/11/115202. 
International-ISI61.  S. H. Kazemi, M. Mahmoudi
Multi-photon resonance phenamena using Lagurrer-Gaussian beams
J. Phys. B (2016P. 254501 DOI: 1doi:10.1088/0953-4075/49/24/245401. 
International-ISI60.  Z. Amini, M. A. Maleki, M. Mahmoudi
Gain-assisted optical bistability and multistability in superconducting phase quantum circuits
Laser Phys. Vol. 27 Issue   (2016P. 25401 DOI: doi:10.1088/1555-6611/aa4fef. 
International-ISI59.  M. Abazari, A. Mortezapour, M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai
Phase-Controlled Atom-Photon Entanglement in a Three-Level V-Type Atomic System via Spontaneously Generated Coherence
Entropy Vol. 13 Issue 9 (2011PP. 1541-1554. 
International-ISI58.  A. Mortezapour, M. Mahmoudi, M. R. H. Khajehpour
Atom-photon, two-mode entanglement and two-mode squeezing in the presence of cross-Kerr nonlinearity
Optical and Quantum Electronics (2014)  DOI: 10.1007/s11082-014-0109-7. 
International57.  A. Hariri, A. H. Farahbod, M. Mahmoudi, R. S. Abasalti
Generalized Self-Filtering Unstable Resonators in an Ablative Flashlamp Pumped Dye Laser
Proc. SPIE Vol. 37 Issue 6 (1998PP. 1053-1059. 
International-ISI56.  M. Mahmoudi, A. H. Farahbod, A. Hariri
An Experimental Study of Generalized Self-Filtering Unstable Resonators in an Ablative – wall Flash lamp Pumped Dye Laser
Applied Optics Vol. 37 Issue 6 (1998PP. 1053-1059. 
International-ISI55.  A. Ch. Izmailov, M. Mahmoudi, H. Tajalli
On the possibility of selective photoprocesses in molecules on the basis of coherent population trapping
Optics and Spectroscopy Vol. 86 Issue 5 (1999PP. 667-671. 
International-ISI54.  M. Mahmoudi, H. Tajalli, A. Ch. Izmailov
Subrecoil velocity selection of molecules on the basis of coherent population trapping (CPT) under the stationary optical pumping
Laser Physics Vol. 8 Issue 4 (1998PP. 921-924. 
International-ISI53.  H. Tajalli, M. Mahmoudi, A. Ch. Izmailov
On the possible control of the velocity selection of molecules
Laser Physics Vol. 10 Issue 5 (2000PP. 1028-1032. 
International-ISI52.  H. Tajalli, M. Mahmoudi and A. Ch. Izmailov
On the selective photoexcitation of molecules within the homogeneous width of optical lines
Opt. Commun. Vol. 176 Issue 1-3 (2000PP. 137-148. 
International-ISI51.  M. Mahmoudi  H. Tajalli and M. Suhail Zubairy
Measurement of Wigner function of a cavity field via Autler-Townes spectroscopy
J. Opt. B: Quantum and Semiclassical Opt. Vol. 2 Issue 3 (2000PP. 315-322. 
International-ISI50.  H. Tajalli, M. Mahmoudi, A. Ch. Izmailov
Coherent Population Trapping in open three level quantum cascade system
Laser Physics Vol. 13 Issue 11 (2003PP. 1370-1375. 
International-ISI49.  M. Mahmoudi, Y. I. Salamin and Ch. H. Keitel
Free electron quantum signatures in intense laser field
Phys. Rev. A Vol. 72 Issue 3 (2005P. 33402. 
International-ISI48.  M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai, and H. Tajalli
Subluminal and superluminal light propagation via interference from incoherent pump fields
Phys. Lett. A Vol. 357 Issue 1 (2006PP. 66-71. 
International-ISI47.  M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai, and H. Tajalli
The effects of incoherent pump field on the phase control of group velocity
J. Phys. B Vol. 39 Issue 8 (2006PP. 1825-1836. 
International-ISI46.  M. Mahmoudi, J. Evers
Light propagation in a closed-loop atomic system beyond the multiphoton resonance condition
Phys. Rev. A Vol. 74 Issue 6 (2006P. 63827. 
International-ISI45.  M. Sahrai, M. Mahmoudi and R. Kheradmand
Atom localization of a two-level pump-probe system via the absorption spectrum
Laser Physics Vol. 17 Issue 1 (2007PP. 40-44. 
International-ISI44.  M. Sahrai, M. Mahmoudi and R. Kheradmand
Impact of the relative phase on the transient optical properties of a four-level EIT medium
Phys, Lett. A Vol. 367 Issue 4-5 (2007PP. 408-414. 
International43.  J. Evers, M. Mahmoudi, and M. Macovei
Quantum interference in light scattering and propagation (Invited paper)
Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6603 (2007P. 66031. 
International-ISI42.  M. Sahrai, R. Hemmati, H. Tajalli, M. Mahmoudi
Controlling the spontaneous emission via quantum interference of incoherent pumping field
J. Mod. Opt. Vol. 55 Issue 1 (2008PP. 67-78. 
International-ISI41.  M. Mahmoudi,  R. Fleischhaker, M. Sahrai, J. Evers
Group velocity control in the ultraviolet domain via interacting dark-state resonances
J. Phys. B Vol. 41 Issue 2 (2008P. 25504. 
International-ISI40.  M. Mahmoudi, S. Rabiei L. E. Zohravi, M. Sahrai
Absorption free superluminal light propagation in a three-level pump-probe system
Optics Communications Vol. 281 Issue 18 (2008PP. 4681-4686. 
International39.  S. Shiravi, M. Mahmoudi and A. H. Darooneh
Analysis of optical cavities in the presence of negative refractive index materials
Optical memory and neural networks Vol. 18 Issue 2 (2009PP. 72-76. 
International-ISI38.  M. Mahmoudi, S.W. Rabiei, L. Safari and M. Sahrai
Gain-assisted superluminal light propagation via incoherent pumping field
Laser Physics Vol. 19 Issue 7 (2009PP. 1428-1433. 
International-ISI37.  M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai
 Absorption free superluminal light propagation in a quantum-dot molecule
Physica E Vol. 41 Issue 10 (2009PP. 1772-1778. 
International-ISI36.  M. Sahrai and M. Mahmoudi
 The impact of decay-induced interference on transient behaviors of the dispersion and the absorption
Journal of Physics B Vol. 42 Issue 23 (2009P. 235503. 
International-ISI35.  M. Sahrai, M. Sharifi, M. Mahmoudi
The effect of incoherent an incoherent pumping on the dispersive and absorptive properties of a four-level medium
Journal of Physics B Vol. 42 Issue 18 (2009P. 185501. 
International-ISI34.  M. Sahrai , R. Kheradmand, N. Salahshour, M. Mahmoudi
The effect of decay-induced interference on the phase control of the optical bistability
Journal of nonlinear optical &physical material Vol. 18 Issue 3 (2009PP. 529-539. 
International33.  M. Mahmoudi, M. A. Allahyari and M. Sahrai
 Amplitude and phase control of absorption and dispersion  in a Kobrak-Rice 5-level quantum system
PIER B Vol. 24 (2010PP. 333-350. 
International-ISI32.  M. Sahrai, A. Maleki, R. Hemmati, M. Mahmoudi
Transient dispersion and absorption in a V-shaped atomic system
EPJD Vol. 56 Issue 1 (2010PP. 105-112. 
International-ISI31.  M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai, S. M. Mousavi
Controlling the optical bistability in a two-level pumped-probe system
Journal of Lumiescence Vol. 130 Issue 5 (2010P. 881. 
International-ISI30.  M. Sahrai,S. Aas, M. Mahmoudi
Subluminal to superluminal pulse propagation through one-dimentional photonic crystals with a three-level atomic defect layer
EPJD Vol. 41 Issue 1 (2010PP. 51-58. 
International-ISI29.  Sahrai, R. Etemadpour,  M. Mahmoudi
Dispersive and absorptive properties of a Λ-type atomic system with two fold lower-levels
EPJD Vol. 59 Issue 3 (2010PP. 463-471. 
International-ISI28.  M. Mousavi, L. Safari, M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai
Effect of quantum interference on the optical properties of a three-level V-type atomic system beyond two-photon resonance condition
Journal of Physcs B Vol. 43 Issue 16 (2010P. 165501. 
International-ISI27.  M. Mahmoudi and S. Ghoharshenasan
 Phase and Amplitude Control of Optical Properties of Quantum Dot Molecules
DDF Vol. 172 (2011PP. 312-315. 
International-ISI26.  A. Mortezapour, M. Abedi, M. Mahmoudi,  M. R. H. Khajehpour
 The effect of a coupling field on the entanglement dynamics of a three-level atom
Journal of Physics B Vol. 44 Issue 8 (2011P. 85501. 
International25.  S. W. Rabiei, S. Rouzbahani, S. Khaledi, M. Mahmoudi
 Absorption-free superluminal light propagation in a V-type system
Armenian journal of physics Vol. 4 Issue 1 (2011PP. 38-48. 
International-ISI24.  M. Sahrai,H. Noshaad, M. Mahmoudi
 Entanglement of an atom and its spontaneous fields via spontaneously generated coherence
Journal of sciences Vol. 22 Issue 2 (2011PP. 171-176. 
International-ISI23.  M.Sahrai,S. Aas, M. Ass,  M. Mahmoudi
 Hartman effect in one-dimensional photonic crystals with a three-level atomic defect layer
EPJB Vol. 83 Issue 3 (2011PP. 337-342. 
International-ISI22.  D. Jafari, M. Sahrai, H. Motavali, and M. Mahmoudi
Phase control of the group velocity in a dielectric slab doped with three-level ladder type atoms
Phys. Rev. A Vol. 84 Issue 6 (2011P. 63811. 
International-ISI21.  N. Nozari, A. Vafafard, M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai
 Controlling the optical bistability beyond the multi-photon resonance condition in a three-level closed-loop atomic system
Journal of Luminescence Vol. 132 Issue 1 (2012PP. 114-118. 
International-ISI20.  N. Heidary and M. Mahmoudi
Phase and amplitude control of optical bistability in the three-coupled quantum wells, ,  44 (2012)1188.
Physica E Vol. 44 (2012PP. 1288-1294. 
International-ISI19.  L. Ebrahimi Zohravi, R. Doostcaam,S. M. Mousavi and M. Mahmoudi
 Controlling the optical bistability in in a Kobrak-Rice 5-level quantum system
PIER M Vol. 25 (2012PP. 1-11. 
International-ISI18.  A. Mortezapour, A. Saaleh and M. Mahmoudi
Birefringens enhancement via quantum interference in the presence of a static magnetic field
Laser Physics Issue 65201 (2013P. 65201 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI17.  A. Vafafard, Goharshenasan, N. Nozari,  A. Mortezapour, M. Mahmoudi
 Phase-dependent optical bistability in the quantum dot nanostructure molecules via inter-dot tunneling
Journal of Luminescence Vol. 134 (2013PP. 900-905. 
International-ISI16.  A. Mortezapour, Z.Kordi and M. Mahmoudi, , 22 (2013) 060310
Phase-controlled Atom-Photon Entanglement in a Three- Level Lambda-Type Closed-Loop Atomic System
Chines Physics B Vol. 22 Issue 6 (2013P. 60310. 
International-ISI15.   L. Ebrahimi Zohravi, M. Abedi and M. Mahmoudi
 Phase-controlled transparent superluminal light propagation in a Doppler-Broadened four-level N-type system
Communications in Theoretical Physics Vol. 61 Issue 506 (2014PP. 506-516. 
International-ISI14.  L. Ebrahimi Zohravi, A. Vafafard and M. Mahmoudi
 Amplification without inversion, fast light and optical bistability in a  duplicated two-level system
Journal of Luminescence Vol. 151 (2014PP. 11-17. 
International-ISI13.  L. Ebrahimi Zohravi and M. Mahmoudi
Voltage-controlled transmission through a dielectric slab doped with quantum dot molecules
Chinese Optics Letters Vol. 12 Issue 4 (2014P. 42601. 
International-ISI12.  R. Nasehi, M. Mahmoudi, M. Sahrai  
Impact of the incoherent pumping on the optical properties of a dielectric slab doped with quantum dot nanostructure  
Superlattices and Microstructures Vol. 73 (2014PP. 311-321. 
International-ISI11.  M. R. Mehmannavaz, R. Nasehi, S. Sattar and M. Mahmoudi
 Controlling the optical bistability and multistability via tunnelling-induced and incoherent pumping field in a triple coupled quantum dots at a wavelength of λ = 1.550μm
Superlattices and Microstructures Vol. 75 (2014PP. 27-38. 
International-ISI10.  A. Vafafard, H. Zaakeri, L. Ebrahimi Zohravi and M. Mahmoudi
Phase-controlled optical bistability via electromagnetically induced absorption
J. Opt. Soc. Am B Vol. 31 Issue 8 (2014PP. 1981-1985 DOI: 10.1364/JOSAB.31.001981. 
International-ISI9.  S. Taherzadeh, A. Vafafard, M. A. Maleki and M. Mahmoudi
Total reflection and transparent window in one-dimensional duplicated superconducting photonic crystal
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism Vol. 27 (2014PP. 2713-2717. 
International-ISI8.  M. Veisi, A. Vafafard, M. Mahmoudi
 Phase-controlled optical Faraday rotation in a closed-loop atomic system
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B Vol. 32 Issue 1 (2014PP. 167-172. 
International-ISI7.  Z. Kordi, S. Ghanbari and M. Mahmoudi
 Maximal atom-photon entanglement in a double-Lambda quantum system
Quantum information processing Vol. 14 (2015PP. 1907-1918. 
International-ISI6.  S. Taherzadeh, R. Nasehi and M. Mahmoudi
 Low threshold optical bistability and superluminal light propagation using dielectric slab via inter-dot tunnelling
Laser Physics Vol. 10.1088/15 Issue 045901-1 (2015P. 45901 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI5.  Z. Amini Sabegh, A. Vafafard, M. A. Maleki, and M. Mahmoudi
 Superluminal pulse propagation and amplification without inversion of microwave radiation via four-wave mixing in superconducting phase quantum circuits
Laser Physics Letters Vol. 12 (2015P. 85202 DOI: 10.1088/1612-2011/12/8/085202. 
International-ISI4.  R. Nasehi, S. H. Asadpour, M. Mahmoudi, Hamid Rahimpour Soleimani
 Investigation of optical bistability in a double InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum dots-nanostructure
Applied Optics Vol. 54 Issue 10 (2015PP. 2606-2614. 
International-ISI3.  , S. H. Asadpour, R. Nasehi, H. Rahimpour Soleimani and M. Mahmoudi,
 Phase control of Goos-Hänchen shifts via biexciton coherence in a multiple quantum well
Superlattices and Microstructures Vol. 85 (2015PP. 112-123. 
International-ISI2.  S. H. Asadpour, R. Nasehi and M. Mahmoudi, Hamid Rahimpour Soleimani 
 Controlling of Goos-Hänchen shift via biexciton coherence in a quantum dot
JETP Letters Vol. 101 Issue 7 (2015PP. 534-541 DOI: 10.7868/S0370274X15070127. 
International-ISI1.  A. Mortezapour, M. Ghaaderi, M. Mahmoudi
 Magneto optical rotation in a GaAs Quantum Well Waweguide
Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol. 32 Issue 7 (2015PP. 1338-1345 DOI: 10.1364/JOSAB.32.001338. 



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