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Rasool Moradi-Joz

Publications in Journals

International ISI9.  Naser Yousefi, Rasool Moradi-Joz, Sanaz Eyni
Developing causal model of occupational stress for English language teachers based on ambiguity tolerance and difficulty in emotion regulation: The mediating role of marital conflict
Current Psychology Vol. 41 Issue 11 (2022PP. 1-9 DOI: 10.1007/s12144-022-03991-2.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC8.  Rasool Morad-Joz, Saeed Ketabi, Mansoor Tavakolli
Dialectic of Manipulation in Autopoietic Interpreting
Translation Studies Vol. 20 Issue 78 (2022PP. 89-104 DOI: 20.1001.1.17350212.1401.  [Abstract ]
International7.  Peqah Abedi & Rasool Moradi-Joz
Posthumanism in Hernan Diaz’s In the Distance
Journal of Language and Literature Vol. 21 Issue 1 (2021PP. 48-57 DOI: 10.24071/joll.v21i1.2687.  [Abstract ]
International ISI6.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool, Ketabi, Saeed, & Tavakoli, Mansoor
On conductive argumentation: President Trump’s United Nations address on Iran in focus
Journal of Language and Politics Vol. 18 Issue 1 (2019PP. 83-106 DOI: doi: 10.1075/jlp.18025.mor.  [Abstract ]
International ISI5.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool & Pirnajmuddin, Hossein
Benjamin and Borges: Reflections on afterlife and translation
Babel Vol. 64 Issue 1 (2018PP. 63-80 DOI: doi: 10.1075/babel.00029.ras.  [Abstract ]
International ISI4.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool, Ketabi, Saeed & Vahid Dastjerdi, Hossein
Ideological manipulation in subtitling: A case study of a speech fragment by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (President of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Perspectives: Studies in Translatology Vol. 22 Issue 3 (2014PP. 404-418 DOI: 10.1080/0907676X.2013.820336.  [Abstract ]
International3.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool & Kavandi, Elham
Manipulating De/Legitimation in Translation of Political Discourse
Journal of Linguistics and Education Research Vol. 1 Issue 1 (2018PP. 39-47 DOI: doi: 10.30564/jler.v1i1.270.  [Abstract ]
International ISC2.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool, Ketabi, Saeed, & Tavakoli, Mansoor
The Effect of English Vocabulary Teaching with Pedagogical Cartoons Supplemented by Interlingual Interpretation on the Learning Amount of Iranian Language Learners
Journal of Research in Teaching Vol. 6 Issue 3 (2018PP. 83-94.  [Abstract ]
International1.  Moradi-Joz, Rasool
Translation Studies Research Paradigms
Modern Language Studies Journal Vol. 4 Issue 1 (2016PP. 1-8.  [Abstract ]

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 5. Moradi-Joz, Rasool
Translation Studies Research Paradigms

3rd International Conference on Contemporary Linguistics with Emphasis on New Dimensions of Knowledge of Language

Tehran-Iran  2017.  
International 4. Moradi-Joz, Rasool & Pirnajmuddin, Hossein
Reading Borges’ “Pierre Menard: Author of the Quixote” through Walter Benjamin’s Afterlife

2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Teaching, Literature & Translation Studies

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad-Iran  2015.  
International 3. Moradi-Joz, Rasool
A CDA Approach to the Translation of one of President Ahmadinejad’s speeches: De/Legitimation and Modality in Focus

1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Translation Studies

Imam Reza International University, Mashhad-Iran  2013.  
National 2. Moradi-Joz, Rasool & Ketabi Saeed
Translation studies and critical discourse analysis: Political speech in focus

1st National Conference on Translation Studies

University of Birjand, Birjand-Iran  2010.  
National 1. Moradi-Joz, Rasool & Ketabi, Saeed
Translation studies and critical discourse analysis

1st National Conference on Translation Studies

University of Birjand, Birjand-Iran  2010.  



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