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Reza Rasuli

Publications in Journals

International ISI41.  L Yadegari, Z Rastegar Moghadamgohari, N Zarabinia, R Rasuli
Humidifying, heating and trap-density effects on triple-cation perovskite solar cells
Scientific Reports Vol. 13 Issue 1 (2023P. 1349. 
International ISI40.  L Nafar, R Rasuli, M FallahBarzoki, M Sajadi  
Arc-Discharge Synthesis of ZnO: Ag Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic Applications: Effects of Aging, Microwave Radiation, and Voltage
Plasmonics (2023PP. 1-10. 
International ISI39.  Hadi Rasuli, Reza Rasuli
Nanoparticle-decorated graphene/graphene oxide: synthesis properties and applications
Journal of Materials Science Vol. 58 (2023PP. 2971-2992. 
International ISI38.  Azam Kalhor, Reza Rasuli
SiO2 –TiO2@polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposite: the icephobicity and wettability
Bulletin of materials science Vol. 45 (2022P. 91. 
International ISI37.  Nazila Zarabinia, Giulia Lucarelli, Reza Rasuli, Francesca De Rossi, Babak Taheri, Hamed Javanbakht, Francesca Brunetti, Thomas M Brown
Simple and effective deposition method for solar cell perovskite films using a sheet of paper
iScience Vol. 25 Issue 2 (2022P. 1037. 
International ISI36.  Zahra Rastegar Moghadamgohari, Maryam Heidariramsheh, Nima Taghavinia, Raheleh Mohammadpour, Reza Rasuli
Cu2ZnSnS4 as a hole-transport layer in triple-cation perovskite solar cells: Current density versus layer thickness
Ceramics International Vol. 48 Issue 1 (2022PP. 711-719. 
International ISI35.  A Kosrozadeh, R Rasuli, H Hamzeloopak, Y Abedini
Wettability and sound absorption of graphene oxide doped polymer hydrogel
Scientific Reports Vol. 11 (2021P. 1594. 
International ISI34.  M Sajadi, R Rasuli
A Facile Approach to Distinct Unusual Sucrose in Honey by Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles
Plasmonics Vol. 16 (2021PP. 1-6. 
International ISI33.  P Allahyari, R Rasuli, M Servati, M Alizadeh
Superhydrophobic and low-hysteresis coating based on rubber-modified TiO2/SiO2 nanoparticles
Bulletin of Materials Science Vol. 44 Issue 2 (2021PP. 1-7. 
International ISI32.  N Zarabinia, R Rasuli, E Mohajerani
New insight on the open‐circuit voltage of perovskite solar cells: The role of defect‐density distribution and electric field in the active layer
International Journal of Energy Research Vol. 44 Issue 1 (2021PP. 1-11. 
داخلي-ISC31.  F Mirzapour, R Rasuli
Inequalities for quantum thermodynamics in infinite space
Journal of Research on Many-body Systems Vol. 10 Issue 4 (2021PP. 139-149. 
International ISI30.  N Zarabinia, R Rasuli
Electronic and optical properties of halide double-perovskites under strain: a density functional study
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects (2021PP. 1-13. 
International ISI29.  SJ Wang, M Joharian, M Naghiloo, XW Yan, R Rasuli, F Bigdeli, A Morsali
Synthesis of the highly porous semiconductors with different electrical features using isostructural metal-organic frameworks as precursor
Synthetic Metals Vol. 270 (2020P. 1166. 
International ISI28.  M Torkaman, R Rasuli, L Taran
Photovoltaic and photocatalysis performance of anchored oxygen-deficient TiO2 nanoparticles on graphene oxide
Results in Physics Vol. 18 (2020P. 1032. 
International ISI27.  H Rasuli, R Rasuli, M Alizadeh, BT Goh
Microwave-assisted exfoliation and tearing of graphene oxide in the presence of TiO2 nanoparticles
Results in Physics Vol. 18 (2020P. 1032. 
International ISI26.  M Sajadi, M Ranjbar, R Rasuli
Two-step synthesis of Ag-decorated MoO3 nanotubes, and the effect of hydrogen doping
Applied Surface Science Vol. 527 (2020P. 1466. 
International ISI25.  M Alizadeh, GB Tong, KW Qadir, MS Mehmood, R Rasuli
Cu2O/InGaN heterojunction thin films with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity for solar water splitting
Renewable Energy Vol. 156 (2020PP. 602-609. 
International ISI24.  R Abolghasemi, R Rasuli, M Alizadeh
Microwave-assisted growth of high-quality CdSe quantum dots and its application as a sensitizer in photovoltaic cells
Materials Today Communications Vol. 22 (2020P. 1008. 
داخلي-ISC23.  A Jafari, S Khademi, M Farahmandjou, A Darudi, R Rasuli
Preparation and Characterization of Cerium Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles by the Electrical Discharge Method
Journal of Advanced Materials in Engineering Vol. 38 (2019PP. 83-90. 
International ISI22.  XW Yan, M Joharian, M Naghiloo, R Rasuli, ML Hu, A Morsali
Metal–Organic Framework derived porous 2D semiconductor C/ZnO nanocomposite with the high electrical conductivity
Materials Letters Vol. 252 (2019P. 328. 
International ISI21.  M Servati, R Rasuli
Electrochemical performance of decorated reduced graphene oxide by MoO3 nanoparticles as a counter electrode
Materials Research Express Vol. 6 (2019P. 955. 
International ISI20.  M Alizadeh, BT Goh, KW Qadir, H Yousefi, MS Mehmood, R Rasuli
Improvement of polycrystalline InN thin films properties by localized ion source under low RF plasma ambient
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Vol. 30 (2019PP. 1553-1554. 
International ISI & ISC19.  H Jeddi, R Rasuli, MM Ahadian, B Mehrabi
Carbon black-intercalated reduced graphene oxide electrode with graphene oxide separator for high-performance supercapacitor
Journal of Nanostructures (2019) . 
International ISC18.  M Torkaman, R Rasuli
Optical and structural properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles fixed on graphene oxide due to heat treatment
Iranian Journal of Physics Research Vol. 18 (2019PP. 643-650. 
International ISI17.  Nazila Zarabinia ,Reza Rasuli
Anchored Cu2O nanoparticles on graphene sheets as an inorganic hole transport layer for improvement in solar cell performance
Applied Physics A Vol. 124 Issue 12 (2018PP. 804-814. 
International ISI16.  A Jafari, S Khademi, M Farahmandjou, A Darudi, R Rasuli
Structural and Optical Properties of Ce3+-Doped TiO2 Nanocrystals Prepared by Sol–Gel Precursors
Journal of Electronic Materials Vol. 47 Issue 11 (2018PP. 6901-6908. 
International ISC15.  Soleimani Tabar, Mahsa; Rasuli, Reza; Shirsavar, Reza; Mollaei, Saeid;
Rotation of the free layer of titanium dioxide  nano-fluid in an external electric field
Iranian Journal of Physics Research Vol. 18 Issue 1 (2018PP. 643-645. 
International ISI14.  F Hosseini, R Rasuli, V Jafarian
Immobilized WO3 nanoparticles on graphene oxide as a photo-induced antibacterial agent against UV-resistant Bacillus pumilus
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Vol. 51 Issue 14 (2018PP. 1-9. 
International ISI13.  Leila Taran, Reza Rasuli
Cost-effective liquid-phase exfoliation of molybdenum disulfide by prefreezing and thermal-shock
Advanced Powder Technology Vol. 28 Issue 11 (2017PP. 2996-3003 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apt.2017.09.01. 
International ISC12.  Reza Aram, Reza Rasuli
Wettability modification of graphene oxide thin film through the photocatalytic reduction
IJPR Issue 19 (2016P. 25 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI11.  Khadijeh Qamoshi, Reza Rasuli
Subwavelength structure for sound absorption from graphene oxide-doped polyvinylpyrrolidone nanofibers
Appl Phys A Issue 788-1 (2016P. 788 DOI: 1. 
National-ISC10.  R Rasuli, SF Mousavai
Porous coatings of polyvinylpyrrolidone fibers electrospun using the Faraday effect
J Research on Many Body Systems Issue 37 (2016PP. 42-26 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI9.  Z Mokarian , R Rasuli, Y Abedini
Facile synthesis of stable superhydrophobic nanocomposite based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Appl. Surf. Sci. Issue 567 (2016PP. 575-27 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI8.  E Adineh, R Rasuli
Facile synthesis of decorated graphene oxide sheets with WO3 nanoparticles
Appl Phys A Vol. 120 Issue 4 (2015PP. 1587-1592 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI7.  R. Rasuli, Z. Mokarian, R. Karimi, H. Shabanzadeh, Y. Abedini
Wettability modification of graphene oxide by removal of carboxyl functional groups using non-thermal effects of microwave
Thin Solid Films Issue 364 (2015P. 368 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI6.  R Rasuli, K Mostafavi, J Davoodi
Molecular dynamics simulation of graphene growth on Ni (100) facet by chemical vapor deposition
J Appl Phys Vol. 115 Issue 2 (2014PP. 24311-24314. 
National-ISC5.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Iraji zad, Mohammad M. Ahadian
Investigation of surface segregation in Ni/Cu/Si(100) nanometer layer during deposition and heat treatment of ultra thin Ni deposit
Iranian journal of surface science and engineering Vol. 6 (2008PP. 1-7 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI4.  Reza Rasuli, : Azam Iraji zad, Mohammad M. Ahadian
Mechanical properties of graphene cantilever from atomic force microscopy and density functional theory
Nanotechnology Vol. 26 (2010P. 185503. 
International-ISI3.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Iraji zad
Density functional theory prediction for oxidation and exfoliation of graphite to graphene
Applied Surface Science Vol. 256 (2010PP. 7596-7599. 
International-ISI2.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Iraji zad, Mohammad M. Ahadian
Cu surface segregation in Ni/Cu system
Vacuum Issue 469 (2009PP. 473-23. 
International-ISI1.  Reza Rasuli, H. Rafii-Tabar, Azam Irajizad
Strain effect on quantum conductance in nanoribbons from maximally localized Wannire function
Physical Review B Vol. 81 (2010P. 125409. 

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 11. J. Marghzari, R. Rasuli
Microwave-assisted removal of functional group for increasing the electrical conductivity of graphene oxide


Tehran-Iran  September 2018.  
International 10. A. Kalhor, R. Rasuli, M.S. Seyed Dorraji
The icephobicity and hydrophobicity in PVDF- SiO2 nanocomposite as a surface coating


Tehran-Iran  2018.  
International 9. N. Zarabinia, R. Rasuli
Increasing in electron lifetime of TiO2 photoanode by use of decorated graphene with Cu2O nanoparticles as a coating layer

7th International Conference on Nanostructures

Iran  2018.  
International 8. H. Jeddi, R. Rasuli, M. M. Ahadian, B. Mehrabi
Improving the graphene based supercapacitor with graphene oxide paper as a separator

6th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

 October 2016.  
International 7.  M. Servati, R. Rasuli
Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum oxide nanoparticles by electric arc method and investigation of photocatalytic and photochemical properties of them
Annual International Meeting on Low Dimensional Systems: RIAPA-LDS 2017  
 April 2017.  
International 6.  F. Hosseini, R. Rasuli
Photocatalytic Properties of Graphene Oxide Decorated with Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles by Arc Discharge Method
International Conference on Nanotechnology
Istanbul-Turkey September 2016.  
International 5.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Irajizad
A novel method to measure the mechanical properties of graphene nano sheets
Italy  2010.  
International 4.  Ensieh Adineh, Reza Rasuli
Decorated graphene oxide with tungsten oxide nano particles
International Conference on Nanotechnology
Turkey April 2014.  
International 3.  M. M. ahadian, R.Rasuli, A. Iraji zad
 Surface segregation during deposition and heat treatment of ultra thin Ni deposit
second conference on nano structures
Iran  2008.  
International 2.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Irajizad
Strain effect on the quasi-particle spectral function in graphene
Iran-Shiraz  2010.  
International 1.  Reza Rasuli, Azam Irajizad
Experimental and DFT study of the Graphite oxidation and exfoliation
1, nanomat
Istanbul University, Turkey, 21 - 19 August 2009.  



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