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Reza Rasuli

Awards and Honours

  • Educational Excellence Award in University of Zanjan (2023).
  • Awarded as a Best Researcher in Zanjan province (2022).
  • Award of young assistant professor from National Elite Foundation (2012)
  • Awarded as a Best Researcher in National Elite Foundation (2011).
  • Awarded as a top ten student in Charactrization Tools competition between all Iranian students (2011).
  • Award of Excellence, between all PhD students-2011.
  • Fellowship as Intelligence student at Sharif University of Technology (2005 and 2006).
  •  Awarded as Nanotechnology Researcher from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (2004 and 2008).
  •  Award of Excellence, between all B.Sc students-2004.
  •  Ranked 2nd in physics laboratory competition between all Iranian students-1999.
  •  Ranked 3rd in Classical Mechanic competition between Iranian B.S. students-2001




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