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Behnam Rostami

Publications in Journals

International ISC14.  P Hejazi, R Masoumi, M Shahmoradi, B Rostami, M Bagherinia Amiri.
 Evaluation of Reproductive Performance of Afshari Ewes with a Short Estrus Synchronization Program in Non-Breeding Season.
Research On Animal Production Vol. 21 (2019PP. 80-85. 
International ISI13.   Amini S, Masoumi R, Rostami B*, Shahir MH, Taghilou P, Arslan HO
 Effects of supplementation of Tris-egg yolk extender with royal jelly on chilled and frozen-thawed ram semen characteristics
Cryobiology Vol. 88 (2019PP. 75-80. 
International ISI12.  M Zarei, B Rostami, R Masoumi, M Sharafi, M H Shahir, M Stear, S Catt.
Egg yolk enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) improves the shelf life of ram semen in liquid storage.
Small Ruminant Research Vol. 166 (2018PP. 87-92. 
International ISC11.  S Amini., R Masoumi., B Rostami., M H Shahir.
The effect of supplementation of Tris- egg yolk extender with Roya Jelly on cooled semen characteristics of ram.
Journal of Comparative Pathobiology Vol. 3 (2018PP. 2553-2560. 
International ISC10.   B Rostami* ., R Hajizadeh., MH Shahir.
 The effect of post-mating hCG administration on maternal P4 concentration and reproductive performance of Afshari × Booroola merino crossbred ewes.
Animal Science Research Vol. 27 (2017PP. 161-172. 
International ISI9.   P Taghilou, B Rostami*, R Masoumi, H Mirzaei-Alamouti.
Effects of supplementation of the Tris-egg yolk extender with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) on frozen-thawed ram semen characteristics.
Small Ruminant Research Vol. 155 (2017PP. 1-5. 
International ISC8.   Dorounaki M., Rostami B*., Harkinezhad MT., Shahir M H.
Gene Expression of Adiponectin and Its Receptor2 (AdipoR2) in Reproductive Tract of Growing Prepubertal Afshari Male Lambs.
Iranian Journal of Animal Science Research Vol. 8 (2017PP. 667-676. 
International ISC7.  B Rostami*., R Mehri., R Masoumi., M H Shahir
Effect of injection of GnRH and hCG on day 5 post mating on maternal P4 concentration and reproductive performance in Afshari ewes.
Journal of Comparative Pathobiology Vol. 4 (2017PP. 2363-2370. 
International ISI6.  B  Rostami*., Hajizadeh R., Shahir MH., Aliyari D.
The effect of post-mating hCG or progesterone administration  on reproductive performance of Afshari × Booroola-Merino  crossbred ewes.
Tropical Animal Health and Production Vol. 49 (2017PP. 245-250. 
International ISI5.  S Zargari., R Masoumi., B Rostami*., R Nejatbakhsh., M P Eskandari-Nasab
Morphological and biochemical characteristics of Afshari and Afshari × Booroola Merino cross bred rams (cross- continental cross breeding) semen before and after cryopreservation
Small Ruminant Research Vol. 139 (2016PP. 26-29. 
International ISC4.  B Rostami., A Niasari-Naslaji., M Vojgani., D Nikjou., H Amanlou., A Gerami
Postpartumovarian activity in primiparous Holstein dairy cows
Journal of Veterinary Research Vol. 67 (2012PP. 101-107. 
International ISI3.  B Rostami., A Niasari-Naslaji., M Vojgani., D Nikjou., H Amanlou., A Gerami.
Effect of eCG on early resumption of ovarian activity in postpartum dairy cows
Animal Reproduction Science Vol. 128 (2011PP. 100-106. 
داخلي-ISC2.  Shahrouz R., Ayen E., Rostami B
Histomorphometrical study of the cervix during the oestrous cycle in adult Azarbaijan buffalo
Iranian Journal of Veterinary research Vol. 26 (2009PP. 75-80. 
International ISI1.  Shahrouz R, Ayen E, Rostami B
Histological study of the uterine cervix in different stages of estrous cycle in river buffalo
Journal of Veterinary Research Vol. 64 (2009PP. 121-125. 



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