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Ali Sayyah

Publications in Journals

International ISC3.  Ali Sayyah , Ehsan Asghari , Hamid Arazi  
The effects of two loading patterns of resistance training (skewed pyramid & reverse step) on some physical and physiological capabilities of non-athlete men  
Turkish Journal of Kinesiology Vol. 7 Issue 4 (2021PP. 123-131. 
International ISC2.  Ali Sayyah  
The cardiovascular risk factors and health-related physical fitness of employees at General Directorate of Youth and Sport of Mazandaran Province in Iran
Turkish Journal of Kinesiology (2018) . 
داخلي-غير ISC1.  Ali Sayyah  
The Effects of Circuit Resistance Training on Plasma Levels of Peptide YY and Ghrelin in Male Athletes
Tabari Journal of Preventive Medicine (2015) . 



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