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Manijeh Tozihi

Publications in Journals

International-ISI6.  M. Tozihi, H. Farrokhpour
Ab initio study of the Ar–CS2(V1B2) intermolecular potential surface: effect of van der Waals interaction on the emission of CS2 molecule
Molecular Physics Vol. 113 (2014PP. 483-491. 
International-ISI5.  H. Farrokhpour , M. Tozihi
The excited-states intermolecular potential energy surfaces of the Ar–CS2  van der Waals complex: Ab initio study
Chemical Physics Vol. 440 (2014PP. 8-17. 
International-ISI4.  H. Farrokhpour, M. Tozihi
Ab initio intermolecular potential energy surfaces of He–CS2 , Ne–CS2 and Ar–CS2 complexes
Molecular Physics Vol. 111 (2013PP. 779-791. 
International-ISI3.  M. Vahedpour, M. Tozihi, F. Nazari
Mechanistic Study on the Ozone-Mercury Reaction and the Effect of Water and Water Dimer Molecules
J CHIN CHEM SOC-TAIP Vol. 58 (2011PP. 398-407. 
International-ISI2.  M. Vahedpour, M. Tozihi, F. Nazari
Mechanistic Study of Ozone-Water Reaction and Their Reaction Products with Gas Phase Elemental Mercury: A Computational Study
CHINESE J CHEM Vol. 28 (2010PP. 1103-1113. 
International-ISI1.   M. Tozihi, M. Vahedpour F. Nazari
A theoretical study on the mechanism and thermodynamics of ozone-water gas phase reaction
Journal of the Iranian chemical society Vol. 7 (2010PP. 585-596. 



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