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Mohammad Imani barandagh


Book title Kind of Publication Publisher Author/Authors Translator/Translators Publacation Date PDF FILE
Analysis of the tests Master of Accounting (language, industrial accounting and auditing)   Gathering and Writing July 2007 
Analysis of the tests Master of Accounting (Mathematics and Financial Accounting)   Gathering and Writing July 2009 
Accounting trilingual dictionary (Turkish English Persian)   Writing In Print
Malek Ashtar Command structural analysis in the presence of Allameh Jafari   Gathering and Writing In Print
Biography of Syed Ahmad meraji   Writing October 2014 
finance for non finance managers   Writing July 2014 
tax accounting   Writing August 2011 
Accounting sistem   Writing October 2012 
ESP FOR ACCOUNTING   Writing October 2005 
Accounting Principles 2   Writing mohammad imani akbar zavari farzad ghayour November 2010 
Accounting Principles 1 
Writing mohammad imani akbar zavari hamzeh didar October 2009   



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