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nasser shafaghatian


Book title Kind of Publication Publisher Author/Authors Translator/Translators Publacation Date PDF FILE
Calculatios of Air conditioning systems   Writing Nasser Shafaghatian In Writing/Translation
Calculatons of Refrhgeration systems   Writing Nasser Shafaghatian November 2015 
Food processing machinery-Centrifugal machines for processing edible oils and fats-Safty and hygiene requirements   Gathering and WritingISIRI International standard May 2005 
Water c0nditioning for boiler feed water and boiler water   Gathering and WritingISIRI International standard September 2002 
Compressed asbestos sheets for jointing-Specifications and test methods   Gathering and WritingISIRI International standard July 2000 
Altrafiltration and reverse osmosie for the dairy industry   TranslationZanjan University Glover.F.A Shafaghatian nasser/Saber kazemi  0 



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