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Khosrow Kamali Sarvestani

Educational Background

PhD : university of pune, india, history , 2007-2002
Thesis Title : the political and economic conditions in Iran in the first half of the 18th and effect on the Indo-Iranian relationship
Subject-class : Safavid period & Indo-Iranian relationship
Supervisor : prof.Dr.Varma

PhD : University of PUNE, India, History , 2007-2001
Subject-class : History of Indo-Iranian relationship on the second half of the 18th centuryA.D.
Supervisor : Prof.VARMA

PhD : University of Pune, India, History , 2007-2002
Thesis Title : " The Political and Economic Conditions in Iran in the first Half of the 18th Centuryand Effect on the Indo-Iranian Relationship".
Subject-class : Indo_Iranian Historical relashans in the late of Mughals Empair and The late of Safavids Dynasty.
Supervisor : Prof .Dr.Sushma.J.P.Varma

M.Sc : University of Pune, India , History , 1999-1997

B.Sc : University of Tehran, Iran, History



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