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Jaefar Nikbakht

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
   Leader In Progress
Qualitative Evaluation of Surface Water Resources in Western Azarbaijan Province with Considering Hydrological Droughts in the Last Few Decades 
[Abstract  ] 
Leader June  2013
Wind Atlas of Khodabandeh city (Zanjan-Iran)   LeaderNovember 2008August  2009Fundamental, ApplicableMeteorological Organization of Zanjan (Iran)Meteorological Organization of Zanjan (Iran)
Estimation of Potential and Crop Evapotranspiration with Difference Occurrence Probability in Golestan Province (Iran)   ColleagueJanuary 2004February  2005Fundamental, Developmental, ApplicableManagement and Planning OrganizationUniversity of Gorgan



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