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Majid Adib

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
38 December  2004 An algorithm for the least euciliden norm solution of a linear system of inequalityes via ABS algorithms   SuperVisor
37 June  2004 Conjugate direction method in optimization   SuperVisor
36 November  2004 Having a look at hermite interpolation of two variables function    SuperVisor
35 September  2005 Broyden's method as an ABS algorithm   SuperVisor
34 October  2006 Generating the Integer null space and conditions for determination of an integer basis using the ABS algorithms   SuperVisor
33 September  2005 An asympotic simplex method for singulary perturbed linear programs   SuperVisor
32 October  2004 An extension of the fundamental theorem of linear programming   SuperVisor
31 September  2006 The spectral behavior of GMRES algorithm on singular systems   SuperVisor
30 September  2006 Richardson method and..   SuperVisor
29 July  2007 Extrapolation methods for PageRank computations   SuperVisor
28 September  2007 Block projection methods for linear systems   SuperVisor
27 March  2007 An ABS represetation theorem for polyhedral sets and its applications   SuperVisor
26 October  2007 Haar wavelet method for nonlinear integro-differential equations   SuperVisor
25 May  2008 Semidefinite programming and it's applications   SuperVisor
24 May  2008 On generalized linearity of quadratic fractional function   SuperVisor
23 November  2009 A comparison theorem for the SOR iterative method   SuperVisor
22 December  2010 Two objective optimal ripple free deadbeat control   SuperVisor
21 July  2011 Rank-one decomposition of positive semidifinite Hermitian matrix and some applications   SuperVisor
20 May  2008 A method for solving linear and nonlinear systems   SuperVisor
19 August  2010 The (P,Q) generalized reflexive and anti-reflexive solutions of the matrix equation AX=B   SuperVisor
18 July  2009 Extended reduced rank two abaffian update schemes in the ABS-type methods   SuperVisor
17 September  2010 Linear fractional programming and duality   SuperVisor
16 September  2010 Genelal H-matrices and iterative criterion for identifing them   SuperVisor
15 October  2011 On relationships between several classes of Z-matrices, M-matrices and non-negative matrices   SuperVisor
14 Hadi Hasani September  2012Applied math The matrix generation approach for eigenvalue optimization 
13 Saeed behboodi September  2012َApplied math Multivariate blending rational interpolation via branched continued fractions  
12 Mohamad taherkhani October  2012Applied math Iterativ methods and precondition    SuperVisor
11 Z. S. Kazemi September  2013Applied math Linear three-level programming problem and its applications    SuperVisor
10 Masoumeh Yousefi October  2013Applied math Some one-parameter families of third and fourth order methods for solving...   SuperVisor
9 leila Nazari September  2013Applied math A review of mathods fof solving linear complementarith problems   SuperVisor
8 Bahare Sedighi December  2013statistic Robuste regresion method with L1 norm   Advisor
7 Hamideh Bagheri October  2013Applied math Preconditioned GAOR methods for solving weighted linea leas squarws problems   Advisor
6 December  2014Applied Math Conjugate gradient methods using   SuperVisor
5 Sadegh Dosti September  2014Mathematics On branched continued fractions rational interpolation over pyramid-typed grids   SuperVisor
4 Khadijeh Alemi September  2014Mathematics Exact and Stable Least Squares solution to the linear programming problem   SuperVisor
3 Zeinab Aghazadeh September  2014Mathematics Solving possiblistic linear programming problem Considering membership function of the cofficients   SuperVisor
2 Fateme Salimi June  2015Mathematics Some lower bounds for the smallest singular value   SuperVisor
1 Azam shabani July  2015Mathematics Numerical methods for fuzzy system of linear equations   SuperVisor



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