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Parviz Ahmadi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
4 Masoud Hassani July  2018Differential Geometry The study of cohomogeneity one three - dimensional Einstein spaces   SuperVisor
3 Salim Safari December  2020Differential Geometry The study of cohomogeneity one flat pseudo-Riemannian (Lorentzian) manifolds   SuperVisor
2 Saeid Mohebbi June  2022Geometry Nonlinear Semigroups of Contractions and Evolution Equations Associated with Monotone Vector Fields on Hadamard Manifolds   SuperVisor
1 Zeinab Tadrisi In progressDifferential Geometry The study of non-transitive conformal actions on the Einstein Universe   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
18 Mohsen Rohi Rad October  2012 Geometry Cohomogeneity one de Sitter space    SuperVisor
17 Maryam Mijoozi October  2011Analysis On the investigation of some problems of analysis in Hadamard spaces   Advisor
16 Salim Safari Mozejin October  2013Geometry Orbit nonproper dynamics on Lorentz manifolds   SuperVisor
15 Zeinab Kargar Sarmeli October  2013Geometry The isometry group of a compact Lorentz manifold   SuperVisor
14 Zeinab Tadrisi October  2013Geometry Orbit nonproper actions on Lorentz manifolds   SuperVisor
13 Fatemeh Majidi October  2013Geometry Transitive actions on Lorentz manifolds with noncompact stabilizer   SuperVisor
12 Masomeh Mirzaeii Masoleh October  2013Geometry Induction of Geometric actions   SuperVisor
11 Behnaz Teimori October  2013Geometry Classification of 3-manifolds and uniformization of hyperbolic 3-manifolds   Advisor
10 Akram Mozaffari October  2013Geometry On hyperbolic 3- manifolds with boundaries at infinity   Advisor
9 Reza Shiri October  2013Geometry On limit set of Fuchsian groups   Advisor
8 Afsaneh Shamseh October  2013Geometry On compact Riemann surfaces and their uniformization   Advisor
7 Batol Farzaneh October  2013Geometry On Riemann surfaces and Uniformization Theorem   Advisor
6 Jafar Mohammadi _FEBRUARY  2015Geometry Three-Dimensional Affine Crystallographic Groups   SuperVisor
4 Halimeh Mehdilo _FEBRUARY  2017Geometry Cohomogeneity one manifolds and hypersurfaces of the Euclidean space   SuperVisor
3 Amir Yegan Beik _SEPTEMBER  2017Geometry Affine differential geometry and Riemannian Curvature   SuperVisor
2 Mehdi Vaali _JANUARY  2018Geometry The study of matrix Lie groups and their Lie algebras   SuperVisor
1 Homeira Shariatmadari _FEBRUARY  2018Geometry The study of differential Geometry of curves and surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski space    SuperVisor



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