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Saeid Fazli

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
15 Hamed Bouzari February  2009Electronics Image Quality Enhancement using Super Resolution Technique  
14 Hamed Moradi Pour June  2009Electronics Multiple Object Tracking in Video Sequences  
13 Reza Afrouzian June  2010Electronics Facial Expression recognition in Image sequences  
12 Hajar Mohammadi Dehnavi August  2010Electronics Stereo-Vision based obstacle detection for blind people  
11 Hadis Askarifar July  2011ٍElectronics Gait Recognition using neural networks   SuperVisor
10 Esfahani Parisa November  2012Electronics Automatic Road sign and Fatigue detection   SuperVisor
9 Leila Ali heidarlu November  2012Electronics Age Invariant Face Recognition   SuperVisor
8 Morteza Rahmani September  2012Electronics Automatic vehicle classification   SuperVisor
7 Zahra Mehrara November  2012Electronics Design and Implementation of a DSP based Hardware for Image Compression   SuperVisor
6 Mitra Jafari March  2014Electronics Automatic Lung clustering in MRI images   SuperVisor
5 Sevin Samadi March  2014Electronics Retinal Vessel Segmentation   SuperVisor
4 Parisa Nadirkhanlu March  2014Electronics Brain Tumor Segmentation   SuperVisor
3 Hamed Sadeghi March  2014Electronics Pattern Recognition of PPAR genes based on epigenetic modifications   SuperVisor
2 Maryam Zolfeghari Neghad October  2013Electronics Adaptive Steganography   SuperVisor
1 Saeid Fathi Ghiri October  2013Electronics Brain Segmentation in MRI Images   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
16 Parvin Rezvani November  2001Electronics Study on the FPGA  
15 Mehdi Sahhafi May  2001Electronics ِDesign and Construction of a Digital Oscilloscope  
14 Marjane Sadeghi December  2000Electronics HBT & HEMT  
13 Behzad Besharati Givi August  2000Electronics Design and Implementation of a LED Display  
12 Mohammad Reza Mirzakhani & Rahman Rezaii Asl May  2000Electronics Construction of an Ultrasonic Range Finder  
11 Mojtaba Amini emam March  2007Electronics Speech Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction  
10 Sara Shishechi March  2007Electronics Celestron-14 Tracking and Monitoring   
9 Mohaddese Kousha March  2007Electronics Ultrasonic Flow Measurement  
8 Roghaiie Ghasemi March  2007Electronics Video-based Face Detection  
7 ٍElham Aiiar March  2007Electronics Image based Face Detection and Recognition  
6 Fateme Shamohammadi March  2007Electronics Wierless Microcontroller System  
5 Sara Eshaghi March  2007Electronics Image based Face Detection and Recognition  
4 Leili Haiati March  2007Electronics Wierless Microcontroller System  
3 Alireza Yousofli March  2007Electronics Design and Implementation of a Tracking Solar Cell  
2 Mohammad Daheshjou March  2007Electronics Design and Implementation od Barcode Reader  
1 Mojgan Salehi March  2007Electronics Design and Implementation of Can Bus System  



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