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Mohammad Reza Ghaemi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
10 Fateme Chahardoli October  2011Applied Mathematics Bipartite graphs with perfect matchings and application to tilings   SuperVisor
9 Hadi Mirdehghan Taft November  2011Applied Mathematics Approximation Algorithms for Minimizing Edge Crossings in Graphs   SuperVisor
8 Mojgan Hassanzadeh January  2012Applied Mathematics The study of Approximation Algorithms for Network Design   SuperVisor
7 Sepideh Javaheri December  2012Applied Mathematics studying the energy of graphs and considering equienergetic graphs   SuperVisor
6 Navid Rezaei Melal March  2013Algebra The study of Spectrum of Graph and consider of algorithms with application in nanotechnology   SuperVisor
5 Mohammadreza Bonabifard September  2013Applied Mathematics On the study complexity of the perfect matching free subgraph problem   SuperVisor
4 Hamideh Salehi September  2013Applied Mathematics On clique or hole in claw-free graph   SuperVisor
3 Masoumeh Hosseinpour September  2013Applied mathematics The signless laplacian spectral radius of unicyclic and bicyclic graphs with n vertices and k pendant vertices   SuperVisor
2 Shokoufeh Hossein niaye hassan kiadeh March  2014Applied mathematics On Graph Drawing, Lattice Drawing and their applications   SuperVisor
1 ‌Zahedeh Arzhangi October  2014Applied mathematics On claw-free t-perfect graphs   SuperVisor



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