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Akbar Hassani

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
1 Zohre Rohi Vishekaii November  2019Horticulture Effect of Foliar spray improved and chemical fertilizers of nitrogen, potassium and boron on flowering, fruit set, quality and quantity properties of olive (Olea europaea L. cv. Zard) oil   Advisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
17 Maryam Etemadian July  2017Soil Biology and Biotechnology Effects of organic and inorganic acids on some biological characteristics of calcareous soils and corn yield   SuperVisor
16 Farogh sarkar August  2017Horticulture The effect of preharvest methyl jasmonate and fulvic acid sprys on biochemical and antioxidant properties of sour cherry cultivar Gysy   Advisor
15 Hamid Khatibi February  2019Soil Biology and Biotechnology The Effect of Different Microbial Consortia on the Degradation of Agricultural and Urban Waste   SuperVisor
14 َAisan Samadi November  2018Soil Biology and Biotechnology The application effects of potassium solubilizing biofertilizer on growth, and biological yield of corn and red radish under drought stress   SuperVisor
13 Nadia Emami October  2018Soil Biology and Biotechnology Effects of Biofertilizer on Organic Carbon Production, and Chemical Composition of Turfgrass, N2O Emissions and Some Physic-chemical Properties of Soil.   SuperVisor
12 Mohsen Mozafari September  2018Horticulture Application Effects of pre-harvest fulvic acid and selenium sprays on quality and antioxidant properties of grape (cv. Fakhri).   Advisor
11 samaneh badrloo September  2018Soil Biology and Biotechnology the effects of vermicompost and azotobacter chroococcum on corn growth and Zn uptake in contaminated soils   Advisor
10 Mahsa Mohammadzadeh August  2018Environmental Science Investigating the Composting Procedure Types on the Amount of Ciprofloxacin and Enrofloxacin Antibiotics in Chicken Manure Compost and Its Application Effects on the Some Beneficial Bacteria in Soils   SuperVisor
9 Javad alipanah Yekta September  2018Soil Biology and Biotechnology feasibility of improving the biological properties of sodic soils using the biochar gypsum and aluminium sulfate   Advisor
8 Farhad Azizi May  2019horticulture Effects of pre-harvest calcium compounds sprays on quality and antioxidant properties of pear “Dargazi” fruit   Advisor
7 Shabnam Yaghoobifar March  2019Horticulture Study ofqualitative and biochemical characteristics of some Iranian and imported Hazelnut genotypes in Rudsar Area   Advisor
6 Maryam Shakoori November  2018ُSoil Science The effect of nano and micro silica and ferrosilicon coated with chitosan on lead availability of a contaminated soil   Advisor
5 Hakimeh Bigdeloo February  2020Horticulture Effect of humic acid, fulvic acid, and seaweed extracts on salinity tolerance of common marigold   Advisor
4 Hossein Sadat February  2020Horticulture Effect of plant growth promoting Pseudomonas bacteria on salinity tolerance of common marigold in greenhouse condition   Advisor
3 Mehri Abolhasani February  2020Soil Biology and Biotechnology Effects of Enrofloxacin on Chicken Manure Degradation under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions and its effect on soil microbial population.   SuperVisor
2 Sepide Mohtashami Shokoohi February  2020ُSoil Science Spatial distribution of some qualitative characteristics of part of agricultural soils of Tehran county using geostatistics   SuperVisor
1 Niloofar Mirazababaie January  2020Soil Biology and Biotechnology The effect of urea and potassium hydroxide on some microbial activities of degrading agricultural and urban waste   SuperVisor



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