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Mir Vahid Hosseini

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
15 Mina Jafar Salehi September  2018Physics The effect of adatom on one dimensional topological insulator   SuperVisor
14 Leila Razzaghi February  2015Physics Study of spin-dependent transport in curved graphene nanoribbons   SuperVisor
13 Fatemeh Hajiloo July  2015Physics Strain effect in multilayer graphene nanostructures   SuperVisor
12 Zahra Nimroozi September  2015Physics Electronic transport in stepped nanostructures composed of single-layer and bilayer graphene   SuperVisor
11 Masoud Bahari January  2016Physics Topological insulator in a quantum nano wire   SuperVisor
10 Mohammad Feizollahi September  2017Physics The effect of gap fluctuation in a superconducting gapped graphene   SuperVisor
9 Milad Jangjan February  2018Physics Floquet topological insulator in one dimension   SuperVisor
8 Zahra Karimi February  2018Nano Physics The study of indirect exchange interaction in topological insulators   SuperVisor
7 Maryam Khosravian February  2018Physics The interplay of superconducting proximity effect and adatoms in a two-dimensional system   SuperVisor
6 Sara Aghtooman February  2018Physics Hofstadter’s butterfly effect in honeycomb lattice structure of Graphene    SuperVisor
5 Vida Naserpour February  2019Nano Physics Study of non-Hermitian topological insulator in a dimerized nano chain   SuperVisor
4 Maryam Heydari February  2019Physics Current Induced Spin Polarization In Topological Insulator Thin Film   SuperVisor
3 ُSiamak Pooyan In progress Impurity Effects on Topological Insulator   SuperVisor
2 Rouhangiz Hassanali In progress Topological Superconductivity in Honeycomb Lattice   SuperVisor
1 Sanaz Shahbazi ganjgah In progress Properties of superconductivity in a diamond lattice   SuperVisor



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