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Khosrow Khalifeh

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
5 Ahmad Fazeli May  2013phd investigation on refolding process of recombinant interferon beta-1 in order to stabilization of protein.    Advisor
4 Seyedeh Akram Shirdel May  2015Biochemistry intramolecular interactions in a network located at c-terminal domain of chondroitinase ABC 1: investigatinf the cooperativity and stability   Advisor
3 Forough Hakiminia May  2015Biophysics Investigation on the role of some interactions in determining the pathway of folding and stability of folded structure in mnemiopsin    Advisor
2 Hanieh Moghaddasi _FEBRUARY  2017Physics linguistic properties of DNA sequences   SuperVisor
1 Jamshid Mehrvand November  2020Biophysics Investigating the effect of conjugated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) on the structure and function of mutated forms of the cyclomalodexterinase   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
21 Parisa Ghanavatian _SEPTEMBER  2015Biochemistry nvestigation the role of the residue Ala19 on the structure and function of sweet – tasting Brazzein   SuperVisor
20 Masoumrh Shamsi _NOVEMBER  2015Biochemistry The effect of Leu678 mutation on the structure and activity of chondroitinase ABC Ι   SuperVisor
19 Roghayeh Mohammadi September  2015Biochemistry Bioinformatics studies on the effects of different types of M1S1 gene SNPs on the protein structure    Advisor
18 S. Shahrbanoo Jafari _SEPTEMBER  2015Biochemistry Investigating the role of residue Glu9 on the structure and funection of sweet –tasting Brazzein   SuperVisor
17 Mohammad Bagher Ghajeloo _FEBRUARY  2015 prediction of protein function using protein network interaction   Advisor
16 Masoumeh Taran September  2015Nanobiotechnology The Effect of Magnetic Nano System (NMBPS) on Serum Albumin   Advisor
15 Yasaman Mahmoudi September  2015Nanobiotechnology investigating the interaction of carbon nanotubes and blood proteins with molecular dynamic simulation   Advisor
14 Mahin Ghadimi _FEBRUARY  2017Biochemistry The investigation of dipeptides propensity for secondary structures in all-alpha and all-beta protein classes   Advisor
13 Khadijeh Moradi _FEBRUARY  2017Biochemistry Increasing the stability of ?-helix via strengthening of dipole moment and hydrophobic interaction and its effect on the global stability and function of Chondroitinase ABC I    SuperVisor
12 Mahsa Ebrahimi _FEBRUARY  2017Biochemistry investigations of calcium binding to EF-hand loops in Aequorin photoprotein by site directed mutagenesis and spectroscopic methods   SuperVisor
11 Neda Aliakbari _OCTOBER  2015Biochemistry Biochemical Characterization of Cyclodexterinase of a Thermophile Bacterum isolated from hot spring    Advisor
10 Soraya Pirmohammadi September  2017Biochemistry investigating the role of A19K/E9K double mutant on the structure and function of sweet-taste brazzein   SuperVisor
9 Himan Mommad-nejadi December  2017Biochemistry Computational study of thermophile, mesophile and psychrophyle forms of adenylat kinase and comparison with experimental results   SuperVisor
8 Roghayeh Mohammadi December  2017Biochemistry Investigating the role of conserved Glycine of EF-hand loops on the structure and function of Mnemiopsin 2   SuperVisor
7 Ziba Mirzaei _FEBRUARY  2017Biochemistry Investigating of stability and function of cyclomaltodextrinase upon changing salt bridges and in the presence of nanoparticles   Advisor
6 Alireza Beiramzadeh September  2017Biochemistry investigating the role of alpha-2 domain in phatogenesis of human prion protein   Advisor
5 Masoumeh Vafa December  2017Biochemistry investigating the effect of open potential on the structure and function of EF-hand I of mnemiopsin 2 photoprotein   Advisor
4 Bahareh Shokri September  2017Msc The investion of effective parametrs on beta-sheet conformation and its relationship with the geometry of peptide bond   Advisor
3 Ashraf Asadi In progressBiochemistry Comparative study of a representative sequence-based difference between mnemiopsin 1 and 2   SuperVisor
2 Hamed Mohammadyari February  2019Biochemistry Manipulation of fragment 678-681 in C-terminal domain of Chondroitinase ABC I and its effect on the structural and functional features of the enzyme   SuperVisor
1 Maryam Hossein-nia February  2019Biochemistry Investigating the effect of K89 modification by Site-directed mutagenesis on the structure and function of mnemiopsin2 photoprotein   Advisor



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