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Farzollah Mirzapour

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
18 Ali Morassai June  1999Mathematıc Approxımately Convex Functıons on Topologıcal Groups  
17 Hero Saremi September  2002Mathematics (Analysis) Kreins entire functions and the Bernstein approximation problem  
16 Amir hossein yousef beigy September  2002mathematic Presented for the Degree of Master of Science in Pure Mathematics(Analysis)  
15 Maryam Roohbakhsh Shishvan September  2004Mathematic Extension of Isometries in Finite -Dimensional Indefinite scalar product spaces and Polair Deconposition Following Bolshakov et al  
14 Zohre Nurmohammadi September  2004mathematic Shells of matrics in indefinite inner product spaces  
13 Seyed Mohamad Sadegh Nabavi Sales March  2006Mathematic Approximation and Uniqueness for ∆αß _Harmonic Function  
12 Hormoz Rahmatan baladeh September  2005Mathematic Boundary Behaviour of M- Harmonic Functions and Non- Isotropic Hausdorff Measure in Baisi of Ph.janing and M.Roginskaya's work  
11 September  2006Mathematic Linear transitivity criteria  
10 Majid Kheiri October  2006Mathematic E- convexity and its applications  
9 Robabeh Taran September  2006Mathematic Common hypercyclic vectors for composition operators  
8 Elham Nasrolahi September  2007Mathematics-Analysis Extension of Simons Inequality and Its Applications  
7 Fatemeh Bahreini September  2007Mathematics-Analysis Studying unbounded convex mappings of the ballic C^n  
6 Mina Rashidi June  2008Mathematics Covering a compactset in a banach space by an operator range of a space white basis  
5 Mehdi Shahsavari June  2008Mathematics Minimal numerical radius extensions  
4 Javad Bakhshi June  2008Mathematics Studying composition operators with closed range on the bloch space  
3 Reyhane Mohammadinezhad September  2008Mathematics The range of operators on Von Neumann algebras  
2 Mehran Asghari Lalami June  2009Mathematics Generalized monotonicity and convexity of non-differentiable functions   
1 Rasul Eskandari June  2009Mathematics Generalization and approximation inverse of operators  



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