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Farhad Misaghi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
11 Farzaneh Ahmadi Tazeh Kandi February  2014Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Studying the Impact of Climate Change on Water Recourse Allocation in Maragheh Plain   Advisor
10 Seied Hasan Mir Hashemi September  2013Irrigation and Drainage 1. Evaluation of Data Mining Methods on Evapotranspiration Estimating in Ghazvin Plain  
9 Maryam Partovi January  2014Irrigation and Drainage Impact of climate change on crop water requirements and performance and Climate change adaptation strategies(A Case Study of the Zanjan plain)   Advisor
8 Leila Hedayati Marzbali October  2014Irrigation and Drainage Impact of climate change on flood characteristics (case study: Haraz River Basin)   SuperVisor
7 Fatemeh Delgosha August  2014Irrigation and Drainage Agriculture waters vulnerability assessment of Ghezel Ozan River using quantitative indices 
6 Malihe Hashemi August  2014Irrigation and Drainage Impact of Climate Change on Potential Evapotranspiration on Zanjan Basin 
5 Sana Ezzati February  2015Irrigation and Drainage Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative changes Trend in Gezelozan River    Advisor
4 Farid Ghanbari February  2013Irrigation and Drainage Evaluation of Ground Water quantitative and qualitative changes Trend in Shabester Plain   Advisor
3 Payam Shirkavand January  2014Irrigation and Drainage Assessing Aquifer Vulnerability Using GIS (case study: Varamin plain)   Advisor
2 Fereshteh Batokhteh _OCTOBER  2015Irrigation and Drainage Engineering The return water simulation on irrigation systems using SWAT model  
1 Vahid Naseri _MARCH  2016Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Impact of Climate Change on Irrigation Requirement of Pressurized Networks (Case Study: Aydoghmush Irrigation Network )   SuperVisor



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