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Javad Moradlu

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
8 Farhad Abroshan   0civil Engineering , Structural Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Composite Shell Subjected to Explosive Loading  
7 Davoodi Nader   0civil Engineering , Structural Nonlinear dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete structures using damage mechanics  
6 TeyyAlizadeh   0Civil Engineering , Hydraulic structures The Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Of Arch Concrete Dam Subjected To projectile impact Loading  
5 Javad HajHoseyni   0Civil Engineering , Hydraulic structures Investigating of damage and failure pattern at concrete gravity dams subjected to near and far field earthquakes  
4 Siavosh Abdolrahimi   2012Civil Engineering Materially and geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of intake tower including dam- water- tower interaction   SuperVisor
3 Ali Jafari September  2012Civil Engineering Nonlinear dynamic analysis of concrete structures considering hydrodynamic pressure in cracks   SuperVisor
2 Habib Zamani September  2012Civil Engineering Development of Fragility curves for concrete arch dams   SuperVisor
1 Ayyob Salehi March  2013Civil Engineering Numerical study of nonlinear behavior of concrete gravity dams subjected to the blast loading.   SuperVisor



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