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Siavash Nouroozi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
3 F. Aghajanloo September  2015Analytical Chemistry Study on the behavior and application of gold nanoparticles functionalized with fluorescent dyes for measuring amino acids and biomolecules   SuperVisor
2 Alireza Sabouri February  2017Analytical Chemistry Development of Hydride and vapor generation atomizer based on flow injection analytical systems for the speciation purposes    SuperVisor
1 Hasan Yadaei May  2019Analytical Chemistry Synthesis and employment of mesoporous carbon – chitosan magnetic nanocomposite for determination of trace amounts of heavy metals and drugs using Flow Injection System   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
25 Razieh Mirshafian October  2007Analytical Chemistry New kinetic-spectrophotometric determination of nitrite by batch and flow injection analysis   SuperVisor
24 Behnaz Ghabeshipour October  2008Analytical Chemistry New kinetic Spectrophotometric determination of Bromide and Iodide   SuperVisor
23 Hasan Biglary May  2009Analytical Chemistry New Flow Injection Spectroflourimetric determinations of some amino acids   SuperVisor
22 Ahdieh Zarei September  2010Analytical Chemistry Simultaneous kinetic spectrophotometric determination of Iodate-Bromate and Periodate-Bromate by H-point standard addition method.   SuperVisor
21 Nilofar Elmieh March  2011Analytical Chemistry Preparation and evaluation a solid_phase micro extraction fiber based on molecularly imprinted polymers for selective extraction of Amphetamines   SuperVisor
20 Leyla Karimi September  2010Analytical Chemistry Optimization of g-ABS latex coagulation process using experimental design   SuperVisor
19 Zahra Kouhbor October  2011analytical chemistry Flow Injection catalytic Kinetic Spectrophotometric Determination of Bromide and Iodide    SuperVisor
18 M. Hasanbeigi March  2012Analytical Chemistry Kinetic-catalytic spectrophotometric determination of iodide and nitrite by pyrocatechol violet and optimization of parameters by optimization method   SuperVisor
17 Ali Abdi Amiri August  2012Analytical Chemistry Removal of Cr(VI),using Zeolitized Rice Husk Ash (RHA) Modified by Magnetic Nanoparticles   SuperVisor
16 Elnaz Sorbiyoon October  2012Analytical Chemistry Synthesis of iron oxides nanoparticles by electrical arc method and their application as a solid phase for the preconcentration and determination of some heavy metal ions such as nickel, silver and leads    SuperVisor
15 Mehrdad Saberi February  2013Analytical Chemistry Flow injection amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide by the electrode modified by lead dioxide nanoparticles   SuperVisor
14 Mohammad reza Anoosha March  2013Analytical Chemistry Flow injection amperometric determination of glucose with biosensor based on the immobilization of glucose oxidas on the nano particles.   SuperVisor
13 R. Momeni September  2013Analytical Chemistry Simoltanous determination of periodate/ iodate and iodate/bromate based on their reaction with pyrocatechol violet by differential kinetics method.   SuperVisor
12 Nahid Bahrami Hidaji September  2013Analytical Chemistry Preparation optical PH sensor by indigo carmin reagent   SuperVisor
11 Negin Ojaqi March  2014Analytical Chemistry Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of nitrite /nitrate using flow injection analysis   SuperVisor
10 Alireza Yousefi March  2014Analytical Chemistry Design and construction of an optical chemical sensor for measurement of nitrite ion by spectrophotometric methodf    SuperVisor
9 Zahra Shahsavari March  2014Analytical Chemistry Spectrophotometric determination of methyl paraben in the presence of phenol and hydroquinone using multivariate analysis methods in chemometrics    SuperVisor
8 Saeedeh Gharibi Haghighi October  2016Analytical Chemistry Study on the application of beet root pigments for the determination of pH and some environmental species   SuperVisor
7 Kobra Moghadaci Paria October  2016Analytical Chemistry Design and construction of optical sensor based on natural saffron dye for determination of nitrite / nitrate and pH   SuperVisor
6 Masoumeh Aghamohammadi February  2018Analytical Chemistry Reverse flow injection analysis of trace amounts of nitrite using saffron as natural reagent    SuperVisor
5 Roghaie Nouroozi February  2018Analytical Chemistry Spectrochemical kinetic determination of trace amount of captopril in the pharmaceutical formulation using beet- root pigments as natural reagent   SuperVisor
4 Reza Mousavi September  2018Analytical Chemistry Spectroscopic studies of shaping and structuring of MOF catalysts   SuperVisor
3 Shoeib Azizi Shalkeh February  2019Analytical Chemistry Identification and determination of blanket in the bread by spectrophotometric method   SuperVisor
2 Fateme Minakhani February  2020Analytical Chemistry Study on the removal and detection of arsenic from contaminated water using MOF adsorbent in the flow injection system   SuperVisor
1 Faezeh Khodaei February  2020Analytical Chemistry Making a new pH sensor by immobilization of a natural dye in sol-gel thin film   SuperVisor



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