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Omid Rahmani

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
3 S. Amir Hosein Hoeini _SEPTEMBER  2016Mechanical Engineering Nano composites   SuperVisor
2 A. A. Jandaghian _SEPTEMBER  2016Mechanical Engineering Smart structures   SuperVisor
1 Farshid Darvishi January  2020Mechanical Engineering Nano Mechanics   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
11 Mohammad J. Lashkari July  2014Mechanical Engineering Flexible Core SAndwich Panels   SuperVisor
10 Solmaz Ghaffari July  2014Mechanical Engineering Nano Sandwichs   SuperVisor
9 Afshari Rad In progressMechanical Engineering Bio Sensors   Advisor
8 Bayat September  2015Mechanical Engineering Nano composites   SuperVisor
7 Roozbeh Farshidfam June  2014Mechanical Engineering Low Velocity Impact Behaviour of Woven Composites   SuperVisor
6 Iraj Maleki January  2015Mechanical Engineering Cylindrical Sandvich Shells   SuperVisor
5 Mohammad H. Noroozi January  2015Mechanical Engineering Piezoelctic Beams   SuperVisor
4 Reza Bayat July  2013Mechanical Engineering Vibration Control of Smart Beams   SuperVisor
3 S. Samaneh Asemani August  2013Mechanical Engineering Buckling of Nano Structures   SuperVisor
2 Refaee Nezhad September  2015Mechanical Engineering Vibration of FG Structures   SuperVisor
1 Osfouri   2016 Impact Engineering   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
15 Hossein Shabanalinezhad _AUGUST  2011Mechanical Engineering An introduction to shape-memory alloy : Modelling & Applications   SuperVisor
14 Hamid Dehghan _JANUARY  2011Mechanical Engineering Composite Wind Turbine   SuperVisor
13 Siavash Mozaffari January  2012Mechanical Engineering Numerical Modeling of Low Velocity Impact   SuperVisor
12 Hoda Eskandari January  2011Mechanical Engineering Short Circuit Stress Calculation in Power Transformer    SuperVisor
11 Akram Bayat January  2012Mechanical Engineering Self Healing Composites   SuperVisor
10 Yousef Pourveis August  2013Mechanical Engineering Digital Projection Moiré    SuperVisor
9 Mohammad Ali August  2013Mechanical Engineering Shape Memory Alloys   SuperVisor
8 Afshin Khosravi _JULY  2012Mechanical Engineering Morphong Wings   SuperVisor
7 Rasool Cheraghi March  2012Mechanical Engineering Carbon Nano Tube   SuperVisor
6 S. Nasrollah Nezhad August  2013Mechanical Engineering Functionally Graded Materials   SuperVisor
5 Reza Bayat April  2012Mechanical Engineering Micro Electro Mechanical Systems   SuperVisor
4 Mohammad M. Mirzaee May  2014Mechanical Engineering Recycling   SuperVisor
3 Dashti Adami June  2014Mechanical Engineering Polymeric Foam Sandwich Structures   SuperVisor
2 Ardalan amini Panah In progressMechanical Engineering Nano composites   SuperVisor
1 Salmani September  2015Mechanical Engineering CNT Reinforced Composite   SuperVisor



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