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Asghar Taheri

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
2 amir ghasemian February  2018power electronics Modelling and control of DC/DC converter with hybride system control   SuperVisor
1 Nafiseh Mirebrahimi July  2018power electronics Voltage-mode controller design for DC–DC boost converter at the presence of wide load and input voltage variations based on finite-state-machine model   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
12 Mohammad amir Javadirad March  2014electrical and electronic engineering Design and simulation of digital compensator for DC/Dc converter by DSP TMS320F2812    SuperVisor
11 Mohsen Mohammdbeigi February  2014electrical engineering Design of loss minimization of six phase induction machine by loss model control   SuperVisor
10 Amir Bayrami Akhi October  2014electrical engineering Design and simulation of loss minimization of Doubly fed machine in winding turbine    SuperVisor
9 Davood Asgarloo October  2014electrical engineering Optimizing the power consumption of the fuel cell hybrid vehicles   SuperVisor
8 Hossein Masoumkhani March  2015electrical engineering Design and simulation of improved DTC of six-phase induction machine   SuperVisor
7 Hamed Jahanshahi March  2015electrical engineering Automation systems design for electric market and online identification for best decision in electrical power exchange   SuperVisor
6 Jamal Abbasi bolaghi February  2018power engineering Design and implementation of Z-source inverter to increase efficiency and reduction of componenets   SuperVisor
5 Hamid Ojaghfagihi December  2017power engineering Design and implementation of Transe Z-source inverter to improve output voltage    SuperVisor
4 Mayam Naghilou February  2018power electronics Design and simulation of Improved DTC of six-phase induction motor in open phase fault   SuperVisor
3 Ahad Rasoulkhani September  2017power engineering Design and implementation of multi level iinverter to decrease of DC voltage sources   SuperVisor
2 Hamidreza Heydari February  2017power electronics Loss reduction of six-phase induction motor with FOC-DTC method   SuperVisor
1 Jafar Khodakarami September  2018power electronics Design a switched-capacitor multilevel inverter with optimizing and improvement of existing structures   SuperVisor



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