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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

زهره هادياني، محسن احدنژاد روشتي،شمس‌اله کاظمي‌زاد،امير شاه علي
مکان‌يابي مراکز دفن پسماندهاي جامد شهري با استفاده از منطق فازي در محيط GIS، نمونه‌ي موردي: شهر زنجان
Site Selection Municipal Solid Wastes Burial Centers by Using Fuzzy Logic and GIS, Case Study: Zanjan City

In Zanjan city with high rate of population growth and physical development of the city, every day 270 tons of solid waste with different compounds enters into the biological cycle of this city. The current location of buried waste at Inappropriate local is in Mehtrchay the region in the southwest city. In addition, waste disposal method and also in that center was inappropriate and causes vital sources of pollution such as air, water, soil and landscape. In other hand, disruption of daily life those residents near waste disposal sites are necessary to locate buried waste new location. In this study, by using fuzzy logic to determine the value and different weight criteria affecting the location municipal solid waste landfill in Zanjan by GIS to design a model to select has been buried and the parameters used such as; slope, topography, fault lines, distance from population centers, distance from surface and underground water resources, distance from access roads, type of soil and rocks, land use area and land capability analysis Was analyzed. Finally, after the overlapping layers three sites as quite appropriate, suitable and moderately suitable are Identification and location. After evaluation of the overlapping layers obtained by weighted Perfect choice in 35 kilometers from Zanjan in northwest of the Khalkhal road as Center for Health buried as solid wastes were selected in Zanjan. Results of the analysis and control of land is largely satisfactory.



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