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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

Mohammad Javad Kamelifar ,Shahrivar Rustaei, Mohsen Ahadnejad , Zahra Kamelifa
The Assessment of Road Network Vulnerability in Formal and Informal(slum)Urban Tissues to Earthquake Hazards With Crisis Management Approach (Case study: Zone 1 Tabriz)

The urban road network is one of the main components of the city’s lifelines that especially after crisis play significant role including the rescue operation, evacuation of the wounded and ... So the analysing of the urban road network besides planning for reducing these harms, are inevitable. In this paper, to evaluate urban road networks vulnerability of Zone 1 of Tabriz, 3 main criteria of density, level of inclusion and building features were employed which each of these criteria are divided into some sub-criteria that these sub-criteria were weighted using Delphi method. Ultimately, after evaluation of roads vulnerability in terms of each criterion, the layers were overlaid using multi criteria evaluation. The obtained results show that, the roads network vulnerability in region 1(planned tissues) is lower than middle and about 61 percent vulnerability of them is very low. The very high vulnerability is observed mostly in informal settlements area that it is about 96 percent. Keywords:Crisis management -Vulnerability-Urban road network.



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