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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی، سمیه علیپور
بررسی روند مداخله در مناطق اسکان غیررسمی با تاکید بر سیاست تخریب و پاک‌سازی (نمونه موردی: اسلام‌آباد کرج، 1374-1391)
The assessment of intervention trend in Informal settlement areas with emphasis on demolition and clearance policy (A case Study, Islamabad of Karaj city 1995-2012)

Deformity and instability in settlement and habitation although rooted in our country but  its appearance in informal settlements forms and illegal settlements are product of new urbanization condition in our country so that included more than 50 percent low-income urban residents and 20 percent of middle-income countries. This phenomenon is common to current practices in the decade beginning in 1941 until late 1971, during its growth has relatively high intensity. The purpose of this study was to investigate the formation of informal settlements in Islamabad and also assessment of demolition and clearance policy results  after the first two decades of this plan. research type are applied research and methods is analytical and descriptive, data collection performed by library, documentary  and field also for shows of implementation plan, satellite imagery were used in this research. The results indicate that informal settlements in case study area embodied since 1932 with sign Moradab hill as pasture in Bylqan condominium village with rural influx of immigrants, since 1968 with announcing this hill as  national land by Department of Natural Resources this area is prone to formation of informal settlement. the demolition and clearance plan in this area has been started from 1995 for 72 hectares and till end of 2012 more than 3978 housing unit cleared that 715 units is related to first decade and 3182 units in second decade. Over 17 years from the start of project 14,512 people till 2001 and 15,056 in the second decade and totally 29,568 people have been moved from Islamabad area. Keywords: Informal Settlement, demolition, clearance Islamabad  



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