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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

سيد احمد حسينی، محسن احدنژاد روشتی، مهدی مديری ، محمد جواد کاملی فرد
 ارزيابی کيفيت نواحی شهری با توجه به توزيع خدمات شهری در بحران‌های انسان ساخت با رويکرد پدافند غير عامل (نمونه موردی: نواحی شهر تهران)
The assessment of urban region quality for urban utilities distribution in man-made crises with passive defense approach( a case study municipals region of Tehran)

One of the objectives defined in the facility location problem is the maximum dispersing facility location. In these issues, the goal is maximizing the distance between the facilities according to the available constraints. In some cases these issues use the location of radio stations, schools, sales representatives and general location with sensitive facilities which have much application in passive defense principles. On the other hand, the facilities operating one principle of passive defense should be dispersed. Therefore, they should be established in a place where they can gain their mission correctly. As a result, the coefficient errors are reduced. Considering this issue (coefficient of performance and reduced error of candidate points), we suggest Data Envelopment Analysis with the criteria to choosing locations with efficient distribution model. So, in this paper a new multi-objective model for locating critical and important facilities considering passive defense principles is presented.



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