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Saleh Mobayen

Mobayen, S.
Design of LMI-based Global Sliding Mode Controller for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Application to Genesio's Chaotic System
طراحی کنترل کننده حالت لغزشی فراگیر بر مبنای LMI برای سامانه های غیرخطی نامعین با کاربرد در سامانه آشوبناک Genesio

Design of a novel global sliding mode control law for the stabilization of uncertain nonlinear systems is presented in this paper. A sufficient condition is derived using the Lyapunov theorem and linear matrix inequality to guarantee the asymptotical stability of the states and to improve the stability of the system. Under the uncertainty and nonlinearity effects, the reaching phase is eliminated and the chattering is reduced effectively and then, the robustness and performance of the system are improved. Lastly, the proposed method is applied on Genesio's chaotic system and the simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique.



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