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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی، علی زلفی، محمد جواد نوروزی
تحلیلی بر مکان یابی اراضی به منظور استقرار صنایع با استفاده از روش هایAHPو VIKOR ( نمونه موردی بخش مرکزی منطقه آزاد ارس)
An Analysis of the location of land to establish industry using AHP and VIKOR Methods (Case Study: central section of Aras Free Zone)

Today, to achieve the development and growth of appropriate area in ever y zone,the evaluation and analysis of the natural construct and human sources is necessary to settlement of everybody. In this study, by considering 12 natural and human variety criteria,to help the achievement of suitable development and by using AHP model, the zoning of area of the central section of Aras free zone was done to position the intended industries.The results of this study showed that appropriate areas for positioning industries include 2577 hectares of area under study. The AHP model was able to detect the appropriate and inappropriate zones that have the values of the programming. Therefore, in the rest of the study, the ARC MAP software was used in order to detect and separate the completely appropriate zones that have at least 200 hectares spaces, and by using VIKOR model and 8 effective criteria in locating the industries, the detected zones were at first recognized. The results show that the location of new industries in central section of Aras free zone is different from predicted locations in this study.



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