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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی، سعادت معتمدی
بررسی و تحلیل نقش بازارچه‌های ‎مرزی در قیمت زمین و مسکن شهری (نمونه موردی شهر بانه در مقطع زمانی 1392-1375)
The assessment and analysis of border market role in urban land and housing prices( a case study: Baneh city 1996-2013)

In recent decades, on economic, social and ecological researches has been attention to border areas. The desire and enthusiasm emanating from the special zones may cause compatibility and consistency of economic convergence between their countries. In totally, Commercial transaction and economy in the border areas can be play a fundamental role in promoting the advancement of sustainable development, especially in border areas of the economy, improving people's living standards, reduce poverty, income distribution and stimulate further cooperation between border areas. Creating border markets in recent decades has had a major effect on cities. Some of these effects can be urban growth, increasing trade, exchange, land and housing prices. This study to investigate the role of border markets in land and housing prices in the city of Baneh during 1996-2013 using descriptive and analytical method. Data has been collected from land and housing real estate agents. As well as statistics on the number of building permits are obtained from Baneh municipality. In this study, using three parameters (minimum, maximum and average) of two variables divided residential and commercial lands. Also Crosstab method has been used for price trend assessment. The result indicate that neighborhoods located in the city center due to access to services and commercial centers had very high price increase and As well as the avoiding from city center, housing and land prices will be decline. Keywords: Border market, Baneh, Housing, Land, Crosstab



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