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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

Abolfazl Meshkini,Mohsen Ahadnejad, Taghi Heidari
Internal Development,a Strategy for Revitalization of Urban Distressed Areas: Distressed Areas of Zanjan City (Case Study)

The urban population growth has a long history in Iran. Because of increase in population and the massive immigrations to the towns, the possibility of detailed planning for achieving the different needs of employment, accommodation, education, and health has been decreased. Therefore, the indiscriminate and uncontrolled expansion of cities has led to damage to the urban fabric in terms of spatial coherence and appropriate distribution of services. Nowadays, given the importance of conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental effects of uncontrolled urban development, internal development has been proposed as an approach to urban planning. However, this study aimed to enhance the productivity, optimize the urban land uses, and make possible the internal development of urban distressed areas in Zanjan province in order to meet the needs of the city and prevent from physical unbalanced development.  For this purpose, library resources, documents, and field reviews was studied to investigate the internal development in this urban distressed areas of Zanjan province. The results of developed pattern for internal development of urban distressed areas showed valuable results about the expandable lands of these areas (2,054 pieces, 822,895.5 square meters, or 82 hectares). In addition to meeting the needs of current applications, it would be effective in creating continuity between adjacent areas and would prevent the physical development of Zanjan province. Keywords: Internal Development, Distressed Areas, Zanjan City



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