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Saleh Mobayen

Mobayen, S., Javadi, S.
Disturbance observer and finite-time tracker design of disturbed third-order nonholonomic systems using terminal sliding mode
رویتگر اغتشاش و ردیاب زمان محدود برای سامانه مرتبه سوم غیرهولونومیک

This paper proposes a novel recursive terminal sliding mode structure for tracking control of third-order chained–form nonholonomic systems in the presence of the unknown external disturbances. Finite-time convergence of the disturbance approximation error is guaranteed using the designed disturbance observer. Under the proposed terminal sliding model tracking control technique, the finite-time convergence of the states of the closed-loop system is guaranteed via Lyapunov analysis. A new reaching control law is proposed to guarantee the existence of the sliding mode around the recursive TSM surface in a finite-time. Simulation results are illustrated on a benchmark example of third-order chained-form nonholonomic systems: a wheeled mobile robot. The results demonstrate that the proposed control technique achieves promising tracking performance for nonholonomic systems.



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