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Saleh Mobayen

Mobayen, S.
An adaptive chattering-free PID sliding mode control based on dynamic sliding manifolds for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems
یک روش کنترل حالت لغزشی PID بدون وزوز تطبیقی ...

This paper proposes a new dynamic PID sliding mode control technique for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems. The offered controller is formulated based on the Lyapunov stability theory and guarantees the existence of the sliding mode around the sliding surface in a finite-time. Furthermore, this approach can eliminate the chattering phenomenon caused by the switching control action and can realize high-precision performance. Moreover, an adaptive parameter tuning method is proposed to estimate the unknown upper bounds of the disturbances. Simulation results for an inverted pendulum system demonstrate the efficiency and feasibility of the suggested technique.



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