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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

Mohsen Ahadnejad Ravshty, Somayeh Alipour, Abrahim Sharifzadeh Aghdam  
Monitoring the Process of Destruction of Informal Settlement Neighborhoods Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images

The aim of the present study was to monitor the process of destruction and clearance policy of the informal settlement in Islamabad neighborhood, Karaj in the years following the initiation destruction and clearance of the over-1400 meter altitude project and to evaluate its success rate based on the experts' views. The study was an applied research and in regard with its nature was descriptive-analytical. Multi-temporal high resolution satellite images that had been retrieved over 2002-2014 were utilized to evaluate and monitor the destruction process in the neighborhood. The results of the study indicated that destruction and clearance began in 1995 and have lasted till 2014. Moreover, the results proved the failure of the project from the initial administrative stages and over the last two decades according to the experts and the informal settlement authorities' views. Finally, utilizing ANP model indicated that the most important factor in destructing the neighborhood was the policy of destruction and the second factor was the bad scenery that the neighborhood had given the city entrance. Keywords: Informal Settlement; Satellite Images; Destruction and Clearance; Islamabad



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