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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتي ، شهریور روستایی،محمدجواد کاملی‌فر
تحلیلی برآسیب‌پذیری شاخص های کالبدی در برابر زلزله به روش منطق فازی (مطالعۀ موردی: منطقۀ 1 تبریز)
The analysis of physical vulnerability on earthquake against in fuzzy method( a case study Tabriz 1st municipality area)

Background: Due to importance of the earthquake as an unexpected natural disasters and its challenges and injuries in human societies, especially in urban settlements, considering construction and policymaking issues are important to identify strengths and weaknesses of urban physical indicators. In this regard and with such urgency and with an awareness of Tabriz geology situation in terms of earthquake, in the present study focused on the physical vulnerability assessment in zone one of Tabriz. Method: The present study was performed with "descriptive-analytical" methodology. In this regard physical indicators according to available information are classified on six indicators including Building date, Building quality, Number of floors, Land cover, Types of construction material and land use. According to research objective after data collection and fuzzifying the six physical indicators layers, the AND, OR and Gama fuzzy functions have been used to analyze and identify vulnerable buildings and areas to earthquake in zone1 of Tabriz. Findings: The findings of study showed that, according to conditions of selected physical indicators in the zone1 of Tabriz fuzzy gamma function with a 0.9 threshold could assess seismic vulnerability better than other functions. In accordance with the results of Gama function the northern and northwestern parts of the zone1 and some areas inclined to central south has a high potential for seismic vulnerability. Conclusion: The results indicate that the northern part of Region 1 and end of western part of the area has a high potential for seismic vulnerability in terms of physical indicators. Also building blocks in the southern part and southern margin part of the region state are in medium to high vulnerability condition which requires detailed planning before the crisis in this area of the region in terms of strengthening and improving the physical indicators, particularly in the field of building date, quality and type of materials



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