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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی؛ اشرف عظیم زاده ایرانی ؛ سعید نجفی
مقايسه تطبيقي توسعه فيزيكي شهرهاي مرزي شرق و غرب كشور با استفاده از تصاوير ماهواره اي چند زمانه (مطالعه موردي : شهرهاي زابل و پيرانشهر)
Comparative physical development in The border of east and west of the country by using multi-temporal satellite images (Case study: Zabol and Piranshahr cities)

Growth and physical development of border cities with regard to security and defense structures, migration and population movements, communications and transport infrastructure, urban management, sources of livelihood, customs and cultural diversity under the influence of internal and external communications during the years changes and developments have been different.The main objective of this study compared physical development in East and West Borders Case Study in of Zabol and Piranshahr cities by using models and Shannon entropy is Holdren. After geo-referenced images with fuzzy method has been developed to classify changes; And using a combination of automated cell Markov chains and city development is forecast for 1409. The results show that during the 29 years studied, made of 2578.10 hectares of land in the city of Zabol in 1365 to 3419.92 hectares, 612.10 hectares to 1,785.90 hectares in the city ofPiranshahr reached in 1394. During his time in of Zabol maximum land use changes in agricultural land with 58.76 percent and 0.42 per cent has been minimal changes Orchards. While in the city of Piranshahr highest use changes in agricultural land with 67.88 percent and any change in arid lands with 2.16 percent. Based on over 29 years of entropy suggests that the physical expansion of cities, it has been growing sporadically and condensing. But compared to has been reduced compared to the year 1365 in the city ofPiranshahr. Between the years 1365- 1394 as well as the physical growth of approximately 85% of Zabol, related to population growth and 15% growth and horizontal growth of the city’s spiral While in the city of Piranshahr years due to the negative gross per capita, population growth has all the physical growth of the city. It is Forecast that during the 15 years given the projected population in Zabol 364.49 hectares And 94.15 hectares of land were built will be addedin the city ofPiranshahr city.Comparative cities due to population growth, lead to uneven development of cities that require guidance, growth and urban development programs is desirable.



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