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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

Mohsen Ahadnejhad; Vahid Yarigholi; Mohammad Javad Norozi 
Spatial Analysis of The Indexes of Life Quality Using a Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach (A Case Study of Abhar Municipal Regions)

Nowadays the quality of life is one of the factors that have special standing in the context of urban planning studies. This factor became significant due to the increasing importance of quality of life in the monitoring of public policy and its role as an efficient tool in the management and planning. Urban life quality is usually measured through the surveying and evaluation of subjective perception of citizen satisfaction of routine urban life and is measured using objective indicators. Nowadays, quality of life is the main goal of all programs is provided by the scientists and urban planners; therefore evaluation and spatial analysis in the quality of life indexes in urban areas and urban classified in terms of these indicators, it is essential to identify and improve the problematic areas. Due to this importance, this study analyzed the quality of life in Abhar municipal regions based on six criteria included that social, economic, housing quality, access to urban facilities and utilities, public transport and hygienic quality of environment. Research method based on quantities and analytical methods. In literature parts documentary and in field studies have been used questionnaire methods. To estimate sample size using Cochran formula and then 384 Abhar residents using a random sampling method to distribute questionnaires were chosen and multi criteria decision methods were used for rating Abhar municipal regions in terms of quality of life. One of the methods to measure the weight of a multi criteria analysis method that is involved in this research to prioritize the criteria weighted model (AHP) has been used. The results of this study show that, due to differences in the parameters and characteristics of socio-economic indexes, Abhar municipal region has differently quality of life than with other region, So that in terms of quality of life Region 2 has highest rate Region 4 had lowest rate in the ranking of Abhar municipal region.



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