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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احد نژاد ؛ سعید نجفی
بررسی تطبیقی تفاوت های کیفیت زندگی در محلات برنامه‌ریزی‌شده و سکونتگاه‌های غیررسمی شهری (نمونه موردی : محلات کارمندان و اسلام‌آباد شهر زنجان)
A comparative Analysis of the Disparities Quality of Life in Urban Areas(Case study: Neighborhoods Karmandan and Islamabad Zanjan City)

Studies indicate that the process of globalization and the concentration of poverty and richness of modern urbanization in most developing countries tends, Gap caused by the inefficiency of urban development plans in order to achieve the optimal spatial distribution patterns of informal settlements and planned in urban neighborhoods that offer the possibility of head.What this research in comparative compared to the quality of life in Islamabad as informal settlement neighbourhood and Karmandan as planned in the city of zanjan based on indicators of economic, social, cultural, religious, Physical and environmental. Descriptive and analytical research using library resources and navigational analyze indicators of quality of life. Data into the software, Spss and then the comparative quality of life measures of model Vikor, AHP and to test the hypothesis of descriptive test, mean test inferential Chi (Chi - Squre) is used. The study indicated comparative study on the basis of the models undesirable situation indicators in the neighborhood of Islamabad to the Karmandan and the difference in Physical and economic indicators Dramatic. Which also change any of the parameters will change their quality of life. So be selectively removed glances and tried to improve the quality of life of citizens optimal planning.



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